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erik gierg poranek

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erik gierg poranek
  • Erik Faber Century(Correct)
    "Tell me, what did you wear? Innoscense and red, well, I really don't care How it's all been easy, and why you're not lonely I didn't need to know how he gets you loud I stumble through the fire on my"
  • Erik Faber Desire
    "I told her to stay awake didn't know the game she would play the path she cut for me didn't know how it would be oh, am I weary is it only in my head oh, how I wish that she would stay she, she's taking"
  • Erik Faber Strange
    "She gave me all but days I knew that she'd be gone Now I travel the same road every night Knowing she's the one Now I can't wait a day For her to get back home I travel the same road every night I hope"
  • Erik Rubin Cuando Mueres Por Alguien
    "Amaneci en tu cama, te vi sonreir, algo que pensabas, no me podias decir. Hace mucho tiempo no siento tus besos, te estas apartando de mi, el fuego se extingue, sin ti no puedo vivir. Cuando mueres"
  • Erik Rubin Malas Intenciones
    "Estoi pensando en ti voy a asert sentir como lo isiste ami justo ahi es solo un poco mas lo que puedo esperar la bomba va a estallar no puedo mas y si pudieras estar en mi lugar verias que todo es normal ahora"
  • Erik Santos Hanngang Sa Huli
    "Langit lang ang may alam Kung bakit di tayo nagkatuluyan At kahit na tunay ang pagsinta Tadhanang nagpasya para sa ating dalawa CHORUS: Kung magmamahal akong muli Mabubuhay na lang sa pagkukubli Dahil"
  • Erik Santos I Believe
    "I believe we'll be together And we can be one again I believe in the end it's still you and I 'Coz you've been the best lover and friend Deep in my heart I know that You never meant to walk away And I"
  • Erik Santos I Believe I Can Fly
    "I believe i can Fly i used to thing dat i could not go on and life was nothing but an awful son but i now i know the meaning of true love im leaning on the everlasting arms if i can see it then i can"
  • Erik Santos I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You
    "Moon so bright, night so fine Keep your heart here with mine Life's a dream we are dreaming Race the moon, catch the wind Ride the night to the end Seize the day, stand up for the light chorus: I want"
  • Erik Santos It Might Be You
    "Time, I've been passing time watching trains go by All of my life Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly Wishing there could be Someone waiting home for me Something's telling me it might be you all"

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