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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Weezer Falling For You
    "Holy cow! I think I've got one here Now just what am I supposed to do? I've got a number of irrational fears That I'd like to share with you First, there's rules about old goats like me Hanging around"
  • Keri Noble Falling
    "Standing here outside your door Not sure if you're home Wondering if I'm a fool Maybe I should go Usually I'm fearless But I've become undone A clown without even a disguise Now everyone will know that"
  • Wolfpakk Falling
    "Level one - the race has just begun Level two - it´s only up to you Level three - you chase your destiny Level four - come and open up the door High and dry you´re still on the rise Is it worth paying"
  • Amerie Falling
    "Can I give you my trust? Im falling Can I give you my thoughts? Im falling If I give them to you Im falling Will you know what to do? Im falling Hey understand Im not used to letting go Once in my past,"
  • Alice In Videoland Falling
    "This bleeding heart keeps calling Can't stop my world from falling from falling, from falling, from falling apart I made myself sick today I'm slipping away and seem to stick to the gates I lay myself"
  • Gotthard Falling
    "Wasting my days On wondering why Searching for answers Possible lies Knowing the reasons But hiding the truth Now at the end All I miss is just you I'm falling Down, down, down into the room. I'm falling While"
  • Finley Quaye Falling
    "Written by F. Quaye and A. Propfh Forgiving and forgetting is best Tried to forgive but I could not forget And I found myself Falling For you again Feel like I've been down this lonely track before It's"
  • Emmy Rossum Falling
    "What's coming over me I've no control I hear a voice saying get a hold Of yourself you seem like Someone else I don't know Where have my senses gone, I lost my way With every touch you intoxicate Pull"
  • Burn Season Falling
    "Im not falling down Im falling away Theres nothing left Nothing to say Im wanting more I want to bide Don't really care It's time to bribe I cant hold on any longer Im falling down It slips"
  • Joey McIntyre Falling
    "Left is right and right is wrong Being high doesn't turn me on One and one must not equal two Cause I'm falling in love with you You're under water I'm out of air I'm not libel for me I swear I don't"

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