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  • Our Goodbye - Acelsia
    "Look into eathoter's eyes As we say goodbye Closes my eyes and fall to sleep, Into an enternal dream. How could I've known? You didn't tell me goodbye All of these years are gone Is this our Goodbye? Chorus: Hold"
  • I Wanna Rock (ft. Gunna) - G-Eazy
    "I Wanna Rock I, I, I Wanna Rock I Wanna Rock I, I, I Wanna Rock I Wanna Rock I, I, I Wanna Rock wanna run i wanna rock i wanna run I Wanna Rock if you feel better you got take me there if you feel"
  • Lilah - Don Henley
    "Lilah Like every young man, I had some things that I wanted to say Ere I could begin, you know the world got in my way Oh Lilah, to sleep like a baby To open the window and feel the fair wind Oh"
  • Of Acorns That Gather - Enchantment
    "In graceful dance of ever, as fountains have towered above me The days of celebration and that of the foul lake Fathers of the knell... ...burn up the sun And pluck me from my ripeness As passion dies As"
  • Cast Of Clowns - Wolfgang
    "Father, I know your life's been stretched too long Across paper torn and crumpled Was drawn the garden that we've sown You made So damn happy Wanting to fallow you around But leading a cast of clowns How"
  • The Great Machine - Tandjent
    "Lost a trace of me inside the great machine All taste of better self swallowed for tomorrow Defy that which pleads for comforts of company Wry and fallow, give up, fight the impulse, let go Nothing Forever"
  • Sparrows - Anathallo
    "I awoke from a dream. I was flying home. The wind wailed on my wings, and my strength was waning. And I knew wherefrom rescue would come, but I scarcely called. Then the sun's rays fell upon me there."
  • Elsewhere - Edenbridge
    "A glassy heart is crying And for all the dreams denying Never smiles Always on the move By the years it's raked with fire And the heyday of desire's Far to reach Down and out it lies The inner fallow"
  • Resonance - Borknagar
    "Thunderous events below the atmosphere. Hibernate within my fissures. Mind has compressed what it lent from the ear. Like a diamond that sings of external pressure. But this zenith is chased by a curse. That"
  • The Next Time You Say Forever - Neko Case
    "I hear the tiniest sparks in the tenderest sound. Diving music, drowning the sound. waltzing with the hairs upon my arms. And your fire flood alarm, and you tremble, and you stumble, and you scrape"

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