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  • Jamie O'Neal Somebody's Hero
    "She's never pulled anyone from a burning building She's never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans, screaming out her name She's never hit a shot to win the game She's never left her footprints"
  • Louise The Best Thing
    "Let's creep inside the face to a woman's mind A million years of history is a what you'll find A loving sister, sexy mother Your best friend whilst still your lover Take it from me I know what's best About"
  • Slade 9 To 5
    "Nanananana Get up late, the birds don't wait for anyone If you're running fast, the bus goes past, too bad You get to work, you feel a jerk, the boss is mad He says 'you think we're on go-slow - you better"
  • Lily Allen Nan, You're A Window Shopper
    "The bottom feels so much better than the top! So much better. Chorus: Nan you're a window shopper, taking a look but you never buy. Nan you're a window shopper, You won't pick it up if its over a fiver. Nan"
  • The Kinks Money Talks
    "Scene: Into Flash's den - a night club Scene: In Flash's den, a night club partly converted into an office. Sung by Flash, Floosies and Spivs: Show me a man who says he can live without bread And"
  • Subhumans Ex-Teenage Rebel
    "When I asked you to lend me a fiver You said you were already broke And when I explained you were living in chains You assumed it was some sort of joke You wanted a job and then got one And learned jokes"
  • Eddi Reader The Exception
    "In a paparazzi photograph she was stepping from a car The tired eyes betrayed the smile of the faded singing star At the publishers reception on the launching of her book She told the grimy details and"
  • Pogues The Old Main Drag
    "When I first came to London I was only sixteen With a fiver in my pocket and my ole dancing bag I went down to the dilly to check out the scene And I soon ended up on the old main drag There the he-males"
  • Ralph McTell Mr Connaughton
    "Mr Connaughton my memory's long, though the years have flown Though the years have gone. Was your wife's name Marjorie or Mary? Were you from Cork or Tipperary? Mr Connaughton when we lived underneath Oh"
  • Fastball Lender
    "Peel me off a fiver That stack looks pretty thick Money takes some time To make me spend it all too quick And I'll try to remember That this is just a lender 'Till i'm on my feet, back in the car I won't"

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