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ginny come leatly

  • Please come come - Uncle Kracker
    "It must of been about 100 yearsat least a 100 yearsi wish you would come backjust come back home"the day we meetfeels like a 100 years agoand i am still waittingwith my hand right by the telephoneyeah"
  • Come Come Now - Sage Francis
    "(verse) Let me rub my back against the notches on your bedpost scratch these afterthoughts off my flesh and shed ghosts My head's close to your closet door. I've got the glass to my ear. My nose is in"
  • Spirits come come - Otep
    "Sing to me my musesLost in hot Cyclops anarchyPossession, invention ... blood, bloodSpirits, spirits.... come, cum...Where will these visions lead?How far dare i go?Where will this song take me?Into the"
  • Come See, Come Saw - Rocket From The Crypt
    "Well, come see, come saw, come cruelty. When it's hungry, it's gonna fight. (gonna fight) (or gonna bite) And it chalks one up so hasty. If you do, it just might. (just might) Well come see, come saw,"
  • Come on ,come on - Gil
    "Come on,come on Come on and dream with me through the silence Come on and dance with me trough the fire We leave the grey zone and fly away And that's all oh oh, 'n' that's all Come on and hit the road"
  • Come On Come On - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) Some people remember the first time Some can't forget the last Some just select what they want to from the past It's a song that you danced to in high school It's a moon you tried"
  • Come On Come On - After Midnight Project
    "Her body is a torture weapon in disguise From my view, she knows that shes a liar Said she never give in to desire (Darling) I am on fire Don't you let me go Let me go, let me go Her body is so dramatic,"
  • Come On Come On - Mando Diao
    "If you like to get in touch with me someday I know just what you'll say useless empty words You close your eyes and try to talk me through no matter what you'll do, you know I'll be just fine So"
  • Come On!come On! - Mai Kuraki
    "*Come on!Come on! Everybody party now Come on!Come on! koko ni atsumatte Come on!Come on! ki mama ni odorou Come on!Come on! And listen to the DJ Nani wo ki ni shi nayanderu no? Subete wasure mishiranu"
  • Come On Come On - Smash Mouth
    "Walking out of the door I'm on my way Can you tell me just Where I'm going Occupational skills Would you give me a clue What to do cause my Mind's in motion Just trying to relax I find myself on the"

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