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hair spray

  • Money Hair - Looper
    "Here comes the girl who changed my world With a rock and a feather, Now I've got to tell her- That when you're stuck and out of luck, When you can't make the bird sing There's only one thing to do: You"
  • Hair Poem - George Carlin
    "I'm aware some stare at my hair. In fact, to be fair, Some really despair of my hair. But I don't care, Cause they're not aware, Nor are they devonaire. In fact, they're just square. They see hair down"
  • Hair braider - R.Kelly
    "Zig-Zags str8 back, doin my haibraida Hair Braider, huh I'm doin my hair braiderAnd she do my hair so good that I'm gonna tip herThe way she strip for me I gotta tip her, hair braider Hair grease comb"
  • My Hair - Ariana Grande
    "I’mma give you some instructions That you can’t be scared to try I want you to touch it softly Like the way you do my mind It’s got body and it’s smooth to touch He same way as my skin Don’t you be"
  • Birdnest Hair - Queen Adreena
    "birdnest hair so slips the dream a paper boat in heavy seas into thin air lost upon on the tidal stream another year but i don't care birdnest hair her resolve her retribution hands are tied dissolution it's"
  • Golden Hair - Syd Barret
    "Lean out your window, golden hair I heard you singing in the midnight air my book is closed, I read no more watching the fire dance, on the floor I've left my book, I've left my room For I heard you"
  • Carwash Hair - Mercury Rev
    "want to ask but I just stare can I run my hands through your car wash hair? want to ask but I just stare Can I run my hands through your carwash hair? Drillin' a hole with my soul in the sand diggin'"
  • Dogs Hair - Dogs Damour
    "Oooh, yeah My babys got jaguar teeth She wears them for a necklace Shes got a crocodile, she got it all Here comes my baby down the bathroom wall Dressed like an animal Dressed like an animal Well, my"
  • Hockey Hair - Pansy Division
    "It's such a problem It's got me in despair He's such a sweetheart But he's got hockey hair Cut shorts on top Long in back, he lets it fall A neck-warmer haircut You can get at any mall People giggle"
  • Hair Stew - Bob Mould
    "I see you sleep with him And yeah, I guess that's cool Well, I just stand at the foot of the bed And now yo watch me stew It's not a matter of pride It's not a matter of anything I just watched someone"

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