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i'm sorry - selina xiong ft. ky'"

  • I'm Sorry - Almadrava
    "I know what it feels like, Ive been through this before. You dont have to worry, better times will come. Go on looking forward, dont turn around. Stand up and walk on, this is not the end. Im sorry about"
  • I'm Sorry - Tyrese
    "I'm sorry, yes I am, for everything that I've done How can I do this right, with you in my life Even though I say I love you I've gotta make a change in my life, baby, I realize that you're better off"
  • I'm Sorry - 1st Lady
    "They say it takes time to get over serious relationships But Ive been waiting patiently(patiently) Im still stuck on you(stuck on you) I still picture your face smiling at me Ive made a big mistake(big"
  • I'm Sorry - Blackstreet
    "I'm sorry, I would do anything for you Will you forgive me? Just don't cry, don't cry, listen Oh yeah, just wanted to talk to you I'm sorry Just when you think you're strong enough Temptation raises it's"
  • I'm Sorry - Justin Timberlake
    "I'm Sorry Can someone tell me why I always hurt you 'Cause honestly, I just dont understand You would've given me the world, if i asked But now I'll never have that chance again I miss the way you made"
  • I'm Sorry - Prodigy Blacck
    "(Intro: Prodigy Blacck) I hope you don't hate me.. Just listen, and please hear me out.. (Verse 1: Prodigy Blacck) I'm sorry, I never ment.. To get you up in some trouble.. I feel guilty, since you"
  • I'm Sorry - Maggie Reilly
    "What's on your mind, you go away I never know so I will follow you today Where do you go, why can't you see I do my very best to hide my jealousy I know you would never be cruel to me I'm sorry I wait"
  • I'm Sorry - Christina Milian
    "ooooh yeaa oh oh I'm So Sorry ummmmm (Verse 1) Boy we've been cool for so long now Tell me why would you Just up and throw that away You're making a mistake Thinking that we would be lovers But I don't"
  • I'm sorry - Ne-Yo
    "feat. Candice Jones Momma I'm sorry You know I never meant to hurt you, no. But I'm in love with the boy next door. Momma, please understand And momma I'm so sorry But I don't think that I can let hem"
  • i'm sorry - christina millian
    "christina millian Miscellaneous i'm sorry verse 1 boy we've been so cool for so long now tell me why would you just up and throw that away your making a mistake thinking that we would be lovers but"

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