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i knew you were trobule

  • I Never Knew - Frank Sinatra
    "(Gus Kahn, Ted Fiorito) I always thought that I'd prefer single-blessed-ness Thought that I'd like to stay free I never thought my time would come to marry, No wedding bells for me, I've changed my"
  • I Just Knew - Kellie Coffey
    "No stars fell from the sky The first time I looked in your eyes No moonlight shining down My feet never left the ground No roses and a bottle of wine No arrow or a neon sign No heavenly angels sang on"
  • Everything I Knew - Busted
    "Everything I knew just went out the window Know I can't depend on you - forever And I never thought I'd see My life walk away from me I thought we'd always be - together Notice you didn't have to pay"
  • If I Knew - Bruno Mars
    "Oh, oh, oh I, I was a city boy Riding to danger's where I'd always run a boy who had his fun But I wouldn't've done All the things that I have done If I knew one day you'd come Now baby, now baby, now"
  • Thought i knew - Patrice
    "CHORUS I thought I knew what love is but now I got to redefine it, now I know what I missed as I was looking for this. I thought I knew what love is, I got to redefine it, now I know what I missed as I"
  • I Always Knew - The Queers
    "Don't you know that it's going okay I want everyone to see that Everything's coming up roses Whenever you're hanging with me When we're goofing off, laughing at nothing at all And hoping the day lasts"
  • You never knew - Bare Jr.
    "Your cousin Cindy touched me once I did not stop her so we carried on During family holidays She and I always found a way You never knew, you never knew You never knew I was so untrue Because I lied, because"
  • Somebody Knew - Rhett Akins
    "(Larry Bastian/Dean Dillon) Susie said she'd seen you and you were doing fine Then Billy butted in and changed the subject for the umpteenth time Julie walked up and said hello then pretended she didn't"
  • Never Knew - Gary Barlow
    "Ohhhh yeahh I found the road to nowhere The greener grass it turned to stone Your shadowed face shines a rainbow now The sign I found did point it home Never knew that I'd miss you this way Never knew"
  • Who Knew - Pink (P!nk)
    "You took my hand, you showed me how You promised me you'd be around Uh-huh, that's right I took your words and I believed in everything you said to me Yeah-huh, that's right If someone said three years"

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