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i love you i miss you

  • Miss You Love - Silverchair
    "Millionaire say Got a big shot deal And thrown it all away but But I'm not too sure How I'm supposed to feel Or what I'm supposed to say But I'm not, not sure, Not too sure how it feels To handle every"
  • Miss You Love - Maria Mena
    "I've run out complicated theories so now I'm taking back my words I'm preparing for the breakdown Your t-shirt lost its smell of you and the bathroom's still a mess Remind me why we decided this was"
  • Miss You - Ellen Ten Damme
    "I miss your hands I miss your face I miss your voice And what you'd say I miss your smile I miss your arms I miss your touch So tender and warm I want you I need you I miss you I miss your thoughts I miss"
  • Miss You - Nat King Cole
    "(Brackets indicate choir in background) (I miss you) (Since you went away dear) Miss you More than I can say dear Daytime Night-time nothing I do Can make me forget That I still love you (Miss you) In"
  • Miss You - Kem
    "Yesterday I missed you sad And today I miss you bad baby I miss that violet dress you wear It matched the ribbons in yo' hair Girl there are no words or phrases To express the depth of my longing for you"
  • Miss you - Skangur
    "Walking down the awenueAll my thoughts coming up to youI miss you girl, I miss you girlDown there in the street's cafeCigarets smoke my lonelynessI miss you girl, I miss you girlAnd I'll tryto change my"
  • Miss You - EyeQ
    "I've been crying for a long long time, It doesn't seem, it's gonna stop right now, Since you been gone, I've been wondering how, Now and forever could be your last vow. 'Cause you left me standing alone"
  • Miss You - Candlebox
    "All, all it's not alright Your role it played through time Come and rescue me You're needed here at home And your space, a moment in time A hand to hold a hand I tried Who was it called to you? Who called? Your"
  • I Sure Miss You - Gene Vincent
    "You took away my lovely dreams But I don't need those things at all You took away the kisses that I love You took away most everything But I don't miss one single thing But I, I sure miss you I"
  • Baby I miss you - Chris Norman
    "I can't stay at home When the night is calling I got lots of friends To join me for a drink But there's no one there Who can stop me falling Cause your love Is like the missing link Oh baby I miss you When"

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