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  • Lost Time - Sub-Urban Tribe
    "Crawling out from minority to taste the power of majority You found no cure bets set so high Gaining speed drive with closed eyes Man your throne take a look at your empire Hey break away with all the"
  • Damned For Eternity - Abyssic Hate
    "I glare at what has become Under these darkened grey skies I cry out for my death To seek the land of horror and pain These piercing blades of steel Is the way for us to die The sword cuts through the"
  • Decadence - Deathspell Omega
    "Extreme ritual of carnal pleasure breaking the chains of dignity Human bodies become the temples of impurity Embrace a shape of living Blasphemy Celebrate forbidden practices, bearers of immortality"
  • Bread Of Bitterness - Deathspell Omega
    "From a supplication without response, the essence of man, his ground giving way, comes illumination by a sun of great evil that sets aflame the inner core and enthrones suffocation and the intolerable"
  • Accidental Prot - Death In June
    "When You Prey in Silence And See Our Jesus Stagger Awake! and Take a Perfumed Candle And Use Life Like a Dagger I'm Your Accidental Protg The Gift, The Blood The Thrownaway The Silver Chain Has Broken Goals"
  • Fallen Angel of Doom - Blasphemy
    "Cursed soul bred by the fallen angel of doom will return Beyond the blackened burning skies 7th trumpeteer awakened by eternal eclipse and low tide Voices from the grave on shore were heard Sacrificial"
  • Vomit Upon The Cross - Belphegor
    "Gloriole on your worm eaten head Foul air escapes your lying mouth Tyranny throughout the centuries of pain Blinded zombies followed into the decline Kneeling... in a stinking church Crawling... before"
  • Emulate The Soul - Scarve
    "To observe and reconstruct Defragment our very thoughts To write the unspoken words For every truth lies in between To detain substential essence So determined in their crime Just an instant of awareness For"
  • As A True King - Gardenian
    "Closer to the future flying rapidly I've been damned to breathe what I hate to see Forcing me to act what I can not be Impurity is when you're pulling strings to see I'm rising up I'm flying higher How"
  • Cleansed In Pestilence (Blade Of Elohim) - Morbid Angel
    "Travesty the way the wretched stand Upon the earth blind in their ignorance Embracing the slavery of their minds Soulless voids of being left wandering Take this blade of Elohim Drain the life from within"

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