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  • Killing Time Inc. - Fractured
    "Devastated, recreated all their lives desecrated. Condescended, reinvented, all our lies apprehended. Annihilated, advocated, so we wont feel obligated. Manipulated, asphixiated, killing time incorporated."
  • Manditory Homicide/Death Inc. - Blood Red Throne
    "Decapitated with a shotgun Pieces of Meat Drawn from blood While raped with a stunn gun Massive bone fracture Mandatory homicide Kill with pleasure An orgy in blood Blood orgy!!! Bring forth the gun And"
  • The INC Is Back - Ja Rule
    "(feat. Shadow, Sekou 720, & Black Child) Geah, Lou turn it up a little bit nigga (rowdy I see you nigga) Yeah (Queens) Yo this Shadow in this motherfucker (holla) Representin Hoodstock (Hussein) The"
  • The Greed Regime, Inc. - Ultimatum
    "Get what you can get while the gettings gotten good. Command your god machine today, greeds are understood. Believe you shall, believe I must, in faith I put my trust. Cosmic jeanie in the sky, its riches"
  • Ragtime-Buffalo Nickel Photoplay, Inc. - Broadways
    "BARON ASHKENAZY Anyone can get lucky in America. I remind myself of this every day. The first nickel I ever earned, I keep in a little silver frame. It's how I gave my company a name. Reminding me how"
  • Shut Your Little Trap, Inc. - Dillinger Four
    "I know it's hard to believe But half of me was scared to leave They were so concerned about what I deserved They never thought about what I'd need And I know my friends from high school Are dropping"
  • Feel Good Inc. (Noodle's Demo) - Gorillaz
    "Shopa shopa shopadop, feel good Shopa shopadop, feel good Shopa shopadop, feel good 2D feeling down to the camera's vibe You just have to go cos you don't know what I know you feel the stress, just"
  • N?o Seremos Pais Inc - Afonso Zeca
    "No seremos pais incógnitos Netos de filhos ignaros Mas nestes livros avaros Só moralizam os tolos Quem tem farelos tem quintas Diz o bom rei ao soldado No tempo em que o rei Fernando Passava por ser honrado No"
  • Limbo Inc. Amnesia (Part 1) - Aura
    "The hidden is obvious Disintegrates beneath walls of stone Cold yet unendingly atrocious This fire stopped burning long ago The pain of longing is thousand times more bearable Than the anguish of release When"
  • Get What You Deserve Inc. - Audio Karate
    "well its been all this time carreses in the factories with all the common waste you've sorta taken a liking to me well its been all this time protecting what will come to me in an uncommon way will you"

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