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iron maiden number

  • Iron - Ensiferum
    "The silence breaks the ground a shadow is riding the horizon An arcane man arrives to town remorseless and condemned Tasted the snake's poison broken every bone Felt a thousand gunshot wounds but there's"
  • Iron - Shaila
    "San Pablo al salmo le adjuntó un irak cristiano con un cura violador que lo excomulgó y Calvino lo miró y no protestó mientras la Perestroika le contaba a Gorbachov que Lenin murió el mundo cambia y s"
  • Indian Maiden - Elton John
    "Got an Indian maiden I've got a photograph of you And I'm hanging on to every little clue about you I've got a prepaid reservation I've got my regulation And this child is on his way to Indian"
  • Cherokee Maiden - Merle Haggard
    "One night when the moon was bright o'er a moonlight glade That is where I found my little Cherokee maid The me'mry of that night of love is lingering yet and I know I never will forget My little Cherokee"
  • Silver Maiden - Aina
    "(Storyteller: Sebastian Thomson) (Maiden Voice: Amanda Somerville) (Narrator: Michael Kiske) (Storyteller:) The streets were never more grateful To be walked upon until she was born And when she's finished"
  • Cherokee Maiden - Willie Nelson
    "One night when the moon was bright on the moonlit bay. That is where I found my little Cherokee maid. The memory of the that night of love, is lingering yet. And I know I never will forget. My little"
  • Wicked Maiden - Impellitteri
    "Better run from the wicked maiden, she's a war machine She strikes without a warning, bring you to your knees Her realm is filled with fire, across the battlefield I see the death toll rising, a wound"
  • Cherokee Maiden - Asleep At The Wheel
    "One night when the moon was bright on a moonlit plain That is where I met my little Cherokee maid Memories of our night of love still linger yet And I know I never will forget CHORUS: My little Cherokee"
  • Red Maiden - Molly Maguire
    "I met Sarah on the 16-th of July when we were walking In the green hills of Kilkenny Together with the pints the hours they flow by us And the hours that I've known her seems like ten thousand years I"
  • Hula Maiden - American Music Club
    "American Music Club United Kingdom Hula Maiden Well i got into waikiki And i spend my time up in the hotel room No sunburn for me No friends no family Yes i see the view Well i think i seen it somewhere"

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