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  • Its Gonna Be - Ween
    "I'll be your jonny on the spot I'll be your jonny on the spot My daddy died, left me all he's got I'll be your jonny on the spot I get up early in the morn I get up early in the morn I slop the pigs, momma"
  • Its My Party - Chaka Khan
    "(Cecil Womack and Linda Womack) Everybody's having a real good time The man you're talking to is not yours, he's mine Better chill out, hear what I'm saying Before I stop the music playin' It's my"
  • Its So Easy - Guns N' Roses
    "I see your sister in her Sunday dress She's out to please She pouts her best She's out to take No need to try She's ready to make It's so easy, easy When everybody's tryin' to please me baby It's so easy,"
  • Its A Mystery - Average White Band
    "When I hear you call my name So soft and low I get to feel so good way down inside of me You could have had the choice of anyone you want I can't understand why you're here Right here beside me now, oh"
  • Its Only Money - Concrete Blonde
    "You don't believe in love You don't believe in hatred Put your money in the bank It's the only way to save it You try to make a buck But you haven't made a penny You need a little luck But you"
  • Hey Its Me - Jamie Rivera
    "Hey, it's me I hope you still remember Your old friend And then, we can talk and laugh again Hey, it's me I never thought I'd see you once again And I just can't believe You're right here with"
  • Its Only Lovets - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "MIRAGE Tommy James and the Shondells I see you standing in the alleys and the hallways Wait a second, you're gone now I run to touch you but you vanish through the doorway And oh how Hard it is to live"
  • Its Too Late - Bobby Goldsboro
    "Little Things Artist: Bobby Goldsboro (peak Billboard position # 13 in 1965) Words and Music by Bobby Goldsboro Little things that you do make me glad I'm in love with you Little things that you say"
  • Its So Obvious - Wire
    "In an act of contrition I lay down by your side It's not your place to comment On my state of distress For this is for real I've tears in my eyes Am I laughing or crying? I suggest I'm not lying I haven't"
  • Maybe Its Because - Dick Haymes
    "That old master painter from the faraway hills painted the violets and the daff-o-dills He put the purple in the twilight haze then did a rainbow for the rainy days Dreamed up the murals on the blue summer"

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