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jacke - nobody

  • Nobody - The Reunion Show
    "I'm talking to a space ship I'm planning out an acid trip While digging wires through the ground I find a way to not be found I learned to walk on water too Defy the laws of gravity in backyard pools The"
  • Nobody - Next
    "(Intro) This is a story Though the names have been changed The facts remain the same On this arista track next there gonna let u know whats going on listen You see you always hear about a no good"
  • Nobody - Cadet
    "Bustin through the open air Now I'm getting somewhere I'll be on the sunny side Nothing's gonna stop this ride nothing's going to stop me (Chorus) I try and reach the clouds They try to shoot me down I"
  • Nobody - Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N)
    "Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N) No.1 Nobody Lyrics: g. gross, c. capek Music: g. gross, c. capek, g. raschke Refrain: No, nobody does it better than you Nobody makes me feel like you do Cause you are the sun"
  • Nobody - Babylon
    "Lyrics to Nobody : My sound we come to take over MC you better look over your shoulder Yeah you know we on and on, oh well know Nuff ah dem ah come an dem ah try dog we out, Born down Pill we are the"
  • Nobody - Skindred
    "My sound we come to take over M.C. you better look over your shoulder Yea we know we on and on,Oh well now Nuff ah dem ah come an dem ah try dog we out, Born down pill we are the ruffneck scouts Music"
  • Nobody - David Baerwald
    "I go armed to the teeth and I wander the streets Confirming my worst suspicions Lie awake in my bed disguising my dread As concern for the human condition I'm a God-fearing man but I get blood on my hands And"
  • Nobody - Shearwater
    "His little hook Your little eyelid The iris dilates while the heart implodes And when he comes And you're dreaming His mouth still denies what your heart just knows, oh no Nobody would ever have known No"
  • Nobody - Her Majesty
    "we've been through the obvious just do what you're supposed to do no,they are not at all like us and I am not all like you oh this is your creation are you proud of what you have become? I hear you are"
  • Nobody - Craig's Brother
    "When he was young so many looks he never caught so much love he hadn't bought Seen peering through the pane left out standing in the rain Soaking in his rearing only wishing to be dry It seems he never"

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