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  • Eat Your Heart Out - Dio
    "It's been a long hot road I've been upon Through the desert of your soul I've looked high and low for water But it's not there All the promises of springtime Turned to lies, so cold But I'm stronger than"
  • Same Blue Devils - Grant Lee Phillips
    "All my funny pages Cartoon Saturdays ago Carved my number in the door Oh my revelation Railway summers overcast And the creaking of the boards No use draggin down to the wire Same blue devils leap from"
  • In Harm's Way - Quiet Riot
    "You told me no lies, you talking no evil Its time to let you go Wondering why is it too much trouble I really want to know I gotta cold fever, I gotta new bag, I got it down in Mexico Should have known"
  • Sorry My Dear - Horse
    "(McAlinden / McDonald) Picture a prison in a darkened cell. Battlements and moat, A palace serves as well. Charmed and blessed, Your easy life. Daylight's gone, If sleep won't come You scare yourself. Sorry,"
  • Nothing's Free - Lion's Share
    "Lost in the faces, part of the street, half empty pockets and draggin your feet the man with the answers,gives you a rise half way to heaven you don't ask the price Now you have what it takes to be famous you're"
  • Primal Nature - Acid Drinkers
    "A jailer gave birth to me My mother was too frightened Jack the ripped (a stroke of luck) Stood godfather to me And I lived with gorillas My foul language didn't repel them And my mates were hyenas Because"
  • All The Way - Gadjits
    "Let's go all the way You all say sometime too much It never means anything It's almost like negating me This is the world i'm waking up from I thought that i was one of you But i've got so much more"
  • Stranger - Booth And The Bad Angel
    "Love strikes without a warning I've lost control My life's freefalling Into new worlds Born free the jail is waiting I hold the key Freedom's not easy When the jailer is me I'm the stranger who fell through"
  • Catblack (The Wizard's Hat) - Marc Bolan
    "Catblack the wizard's hat Spun in lore from Dagamoor The skull of jade was pearl inlaid The silks, skin spun, repelled the Sun A tusk of boar with dwarfish awe Sobs on the door where stood before"
  • Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? - Ray Charles
    "Do I ever cross your mind Darlin' do you ever see Some situation somewhere, somehow Triggers your memory And do you ever wonder What became of all the time Honey, do I ever, ever cross your mind"

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