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  • Take It - Killing Heidi
    "You feel yourself alight then let go Dream of yourself tonight then I know So where's the way you tried and I know You feel yourself, you're too light to let go *Chorus* So take it away from me I don't"
  • Taxi Driver - Killing Heidi
    "I've been noticing a trend in taxi drivers That don't know what I want I've been pulling out on my close fathers But I can't count them all I feel the enjoyment I know the rejection causes fear I've"
  • Teen Angst Unrequited Love Song - Killing Heidi
    "when it comes to push and shove its teenage unrequited love and it makes me sick yeah ive been complaining to my friends and they think they'll never hear the end of you boy oh but whats a girl to do when"
  • The Days - Killing Heidi
    "I've been counting down the days I mean no harm in what I had to say I've been counting counting down the days I aint got long before I start to break *Chorus* I been loving too much You say that I lost"
  • To Fly - Killing Heidi
    "This has been so surreal It's like a dream Everything it's so shit Is what you mean *Chorus* I, cause I want to fly To fly, to fly I want to fly To fly, to fly, to fly Deeper I go I find What to say When"
  • Undertow - Killing Heidi
    "All the way now, can't you see I'm falling All the way down and all around yeah Oh and it's okay I wouldn't say I'm lonely, more just alone 'Cause you see I want you, you, yeah yeah I want you, you, yeah"
  • Up And Down - Killing Heidi
    "Do I always stress you out and do I need to worry now can I still come up for air? Is it that I didn't know or is it that I let you go now I didn't mean to leave you there I heard what you said yeah"
  • Wartorn Way - Killing Heidi
    "I just keep on you Open the door for me You gotta let me be I said stop making up these excuses, It's useless I walk around in a slow pace All around this place In a wartorn way I feel the air"
  • Way Home - Killing Heidi
    "Caught up in the history, I wish it was new to me, But a shadow behind me reminds me of where i used to be, So i keep on running, I keep looking for something. Like something i lost in a dream where i"
  • Weir - Killing Heidi
    "Old friend of mine we will never lose the time that we've shared all these years, these years. Old friend of mine we will never lose the time that we've shared all these years, these years. Will - you?"

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