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last chrysmas,

  • Last Time - Teka x Paulina Witon
    "This is the Last Time This is the Last Time I hold you so tight Lovin' you all night Coz I I'm a bit naive No, in all on me I’ve got to take my hands of you Ore you put me through This is the Last"
  • Last Dance - Donna Summer
    "Last dance Last dance for love Yes, it's my last chance For romance tonight I I need you by me Beside me, to guide me To hold me, to scold me 'Cause when I'm bad I'm so, so bad So let's dance the last"
  • Last time - Anouk
    "Last time Breaking my heart Last time Last time Falling apart Last time To walk and waving up the score now Last time, baby Once more Last time Breaking my heart Last time Last time Once again, it's the"
  • Last Generation - S.J.K.
    "Scientists are Masters who control your life They use technologies to rule over mind Brain experiments - victims feel no pain We know it happens again and again We're the last generation We're the last"
  • Last Words - Travis
    "Trying to shine a light into the dark Corners of the mind and of the heart Find out what you're carrying around Things you can't remember having found Holding on all the best you can Finding out"
  • Last Foxhole - Charlie Louvin
    "(Oh the last foxhole oh the last foxhole) oh Lord let it be the last foxhole He lived by my side on an Island in the sea a place called Okeinawa and just like me He was fighting in the army against Japan Our"
  • Last Song - Hale
    "I'm breathing the air I'm thinking of what you've done and said You crumpled my heart I was down on my knees I'm hurting down inside Wondered if you still even cared I've cried all alone I'm done with"
  • Last Supper - Decapitated
    "Utwór 'Last Supper' z albumu 'Cancer Culture' Decapitated (premiera 27 maja 2022r.)."
  • Last unicorn - Sylver
    "When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain and the first last lion roars at the last dusty fountain in the shadows of the forest, though she may be old and worn they will stare unbelieving,"
  • The Last - The Replacements
    "Does it hurt to fall in love so easy Does it hurt to fall in love so fast Does it hurt you to find out Thirty-second hand Is it such a big task Such a big task Are you too proud to ask Remember last one"

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