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  • Love, Lust, Desire - Lullacry
    "I forgive you For the things youve done I just need you Cant get you off my mind Living without you is killing me I hate you For the things youve said But I still love you Cant get you off my mind Living"
  • Fire Within - Lullacry
    "Youre not even worth the finger I gave you Step aside cause its too late to undo Thanks a lot for all the pain and hurt Happy endings dont mix with the real world Cant kill me, Fire within Overkill,"
  • Stranger In You - Lullacry
    "Burning feeling of desire Made me the victim of Your passion and affection Our secret buried deep inside Disguised as an innocent Little game we always play The stranger in you Who built the temple of"
  • Heart Shaped Scars - Lullacry
    "Just to capture your heartbeat Helps me to forget the pain Baby you make me feel complete You are the one And by your side I strip my pride You are the one Im lost for words Its written in my eyes Youre"
  • Killing Time - Lullacry
    "Death, dance of death Down on one knee I, Fistful of anger Witch hunt in me Pain, masked with grin Many years to come Hate in the name of love Time makes you numb Hear you screaming, See you crawling Killing"
  • I Want You - Lullacry
    "I was running away from you Every day was dark and blue You were always on my mind, my precious It's the fate that I cant find I miss you, I need you My heart is burning with this love It makes me want"
  • King Of Pain - Lullacry
    "From the start to the end Destroyer I curse, I offend A nightmare come true Ill bend you out of shape World on fire With death, cant escape The end is complete I am the stalker inside you and I justify The"
  • Zero - Lullacry
    "I saw you yesterday Blind and drunk with the power Living over the portray Full tilt on final hour, zero I felt you today Its something so wicked Put out on display Full tilt on final hour Zero, Back"
  • Head Like A Hole - Lullacry
    "god money i'll do anything for you. god money just tell me what you want me to. god money nail me up against the wall. god money don't want everything he wants it all. (Bridge:) no you can't take it no"
  • In Tears (Japan Bonus Track) - Lullacry
    "Release, I let it flow As I watch you go Goodbye and farewell Feeling the hate by my side Take its hand I just might Goodbye and farewell As I lay down and cry I watch you go in tears My wounded soul"

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