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madison beer dead

  • Madison Twist - Sylvie Vartan
    "Dites les copainsQu'est-ce qu'on va faire aujourd'hui?Allez au cinma peut-tre ?Bah, c'est la barbecoutez-moi alors ouais ?j'ai une ideAaaahPour s'amuser, je connais l'endroitCe soir, venez tous avec moiRetrouvons-nous"
  • Madison Prep - Further Seems Forever
    "Give up what you think you have to say. Formalities weaken the meaning that you'd convey. In truth hidden in the veiled insults, have failed results for everyone that lived that way. The training spent"
  • Dead Person - Tito & Tarantula
    "Dead! Died in a plane crash Hit by a truck smashed You fell off the mountain Maybe U died in your sleep, baby I don't think u remember When u were alive Alive Alive Alive I'm not hanging around to find"
  • Dead Cat - Macc Lads
    "A ya ya ya ya ya yaaar... No petrol in the van, Knee deep in empty cans, We've lost the map, the tyre's flat, the bloody kid's been banned, We stopped off for some grease, Nevis is obese, We left him standing"
  • Dead Homiez - Ice Cube
    "Up early in the morning, dressed in black Don't ask why? 'Cause I'm down in a suit and tie They killed a homie that I went to school with (Damn!) I tell ya life ain't shit to fool with I still hear the"
  • Drop Dead - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (guitar, synclavier) Steve Vai (guitar) Ray White (guitar, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Chuck Wild (piano) Arthur Barrow (bass) Scott Thunes (bass) Jay Anderson (string bass) Ed Mann (percussion) Chad"
  • Dead letter - Royal Flush
    "Dear Magic, how is livin life up there? Is it the same thing, people smoke weed and drink beer I sware, shit is really sink down here Pardon the wet spot, but that's a drop from my tear Oh yeah, Two-casin"
  • World Party Anthem (aka: Let's Have Another Beer) - Good Rats
    "Let's have another beer Let's have another beer Life sucks so here I cheer Let's have another beer Their fighting days are gone Instead they mow the lawn Oh God, they're dying here Let's have another"
  • More Beer - Fear
    "More beer, more beer All I want is more beer More beer, more beer All I want is more beer, more beer When I get home from work and I'm dyin' of thirst All I want is more beer I run into the kitchen and"
  • Beer Bong - Atrophy
    "Beer bong - suck it down Beer bong - don't do it wrong Beer bong - don't take too long or else you'll drown Beer bong - gulp it down Beer bong - if you can Beer bong - make it vanish if you're a man "

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