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mani mani mani camasutra

  • Modern man - Ian Thomas
    "In the beginning there were problemsThere was some regressBut evolution's taken care of what it thought was bestI got so much education that my head's overgrownBut my body's real small from every chemical"
  • Everlovin' man - Jet
    "Oh Bring it back babywhat we did was wrongLeave me right hereand baby you'll be goneDreams are easy and baby understandI want so very badfor you to leave your everlovin' manforget everything,forget what"
  • Fantasy man - Gabriel Mann
    "I Don't Drink TeaOr White ChablisI Sit Around and Watch TvDon't Send FlowersOr Take ShowersBut I'll Be There to Pull Your WeedsOh,yeahI Dont Read BooksI Dont French CookOr Stroll Around in GalleriesI Hate"
  • Inconsolable man - Gino Vanelli
    "These days I'm looking like a pitiful sightGot a suicide smile on my face every nightI walk aloneTalk to myselfShout angry words up to the skyPeople stop and stareLike I'm out of my headBut what do they"
  • Still Small Man - Catch 22
    "[ t.j. berry ] All you want to beIs what you are so you cant seeNothing ventured nothing gainedA still small man is all that remains of youAll you want to seeIs what you see so you cant beSomething stronger"
  • Carry bag man - Fall
    "I'm in love with the Carrier Bag ManI love the Carrier Bag Man X2Carrier bags strewn all around the roomAh, the Carrier Bag Man-- I am himCoz I am the Carrier Bag Man -- I am the carrier bag manI've no"
  • One true man - REO Speedwagon
    "You made my decisionNow take hold of my handAnd I'll promise in front of the worldTo be your one true manI'll stand among my best friendsThey all understandThat I'm changing for the better (yes I am)I'm"
  • Ain't no man - Habegale
    "Well I Ain't no Man, no I Ain't no ManI Can Run and I Can Hide, Fool the Best of ThemI Can Tell You a Story, You'd Believe AgainBut You'd See Right Through Me, Cause I Ain't no ManI Left You Home On a"
  • Wicked young man - Gabriel Mann
    "Cold Blue Swastika Tattooed On My SkinThe Ice in My Veins the Staples in My ChinI've Got It Carved in My Forehead "Slave to My Sin"Too Violent For the Brotherhood to Ever Take Me InGonna Write Down My"
  • The vanishing man - Head Automatica
    "ReligiouslyDiseaseProfit from the schemeStill she had to speakCommon lawShe tried to break it to meCommon LawI hit the deckI wave a pistol high above my headTo keep my self esteemAnd then she saidCommon"

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