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  • Marine Boy - Haircut 100
    "What they want for their lives What they want for their lives I crossed the sea in something It's very light What they want for their lives Did you glide in with great stride? Taking strength from a smile Present"
  • Le Marin - Alain Souchon
    "Il a une casquette marine Une vareuse de pche Il chante sa plainte bleue marine La bouche sche Le bleu qu'il met dans sa vodka Ca lui rappelle Tous les "j-aurai-d" "y'avait-qu'" La Rochelle Il voulait"
  • La Marine - Georges Brassens
    "On les r'trouve en raccourci Dans nos p'tits amours d'un jour Toutes les joies, tous les soucis Des amours qui durent toujours C'est l l'sort de la marine Et de toutes nos p'tites chries On accoste. Vite"
    "Well-come To, my Foun-tain You came On, the Conste- Me-mo-ries Spoken Frozen Touch my spirit Hold my spirit Hold me close Hold me near I did, you On, that, night Feel-ing Brea-king I could never find her I"
  • Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land - MARINA
    "You don't have to be like everybody else, You don't have to fit into the norm, I'm not here to conform. Album MARINA 'Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land' ukaże się już 11 czerwca. Tytułowy singel trafi do"
  • Venus Fly Trap - MARINA
    "Whatever you give life you will get back Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap? I never quite fit in To that Hollywwod thing I didn’t plat the game For the money or the fame I did it my"
  • Girl From Marin - Bracket
    "Daddy's girl is shopping for a perfect day And her words are full of empty things to say She just can't smile, it's out of style It's been that way for quite a while Everyone is telling me I'll never win, If"
  • Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys
    "The crowded future stings my eyes I still find time to exercise In uniform with two white stripes Unlock my section of the sand It's fenced off to the water's edge I clamp a gasmask on my head Chorus On"
  • Tiens V'l? Un Marin - Edith Piaf
    "Tiens, voil un marin Il est encore loin Mais on voit de loin Que c'est un marin Tiens, voil un marin Ce n'est pas le mien C'est jamais le mien Mais c'est un marin C'est presque le mme Le mme que celui Qui"
  • Le Sous-marin Vert - Les compagnons de la chanson
    "Nous avions tous le mme geLe mme ge, les mmes joies,Quand un jour dans le villageUn vieil homme nous racontaSes sjours au fond des mersDans un beau sous-marin vertAussitt, sans un adieuCapitaine courageux...Nous"

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