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  • U Got Talent - Andre Nickatina
    "U Got Talent -Andre Nickatina My shirley temples bang like a banger i like it when my new suits hang off the hanger its like its clear as crystal and referee official the homie said he like the sound"
  • 4.A.M Bay Bridge - Andre Nickatina
    "-Andre Nickatina im like a lighting bolt that catapult from cloud to cloud man hit the library my style is in the rap files i like to shake dice somthing like casino champ i used to smoke weed man"
  • In My Arms - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous In My Arms How can I tell what's on my mind right now, while you're leaving If I could catch you final breath and never stop believing If I could pray this"
  • Piece of My Heart - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Piece of My Heart Everyday, all night long I keep on wondering 'bout what went wrong Was I blessed, was I cursed? It doesn't matter, but what made it burst? Whatever"
  • 1000 Miles Away - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous 1000 Miles Away The echo of "goodbye" got poisoned by the lie: "I'll never let you go" The shadow of your smile is gone, I wonder why But now I'll never know Let"
  • Even Pimp's Get Broken Hearts - Andre Nickatina
    "even pimps get broken hearts i spark the line stay trivia blow you to oblivia to give me, a semi auto with led keep a rap in my head like ruboys keep a lock full of dreads twist like a tornado the fatal"
  • Crack Raider Razor - Andre Nickatina
    "Thats the beat Mics get hit from bullet flavor I spit Change the clips and also leave this shit I be high as fuck when these MCs come But from dawn to dusk I man breaks 'em up Like booyow whatcha do now I"
  • Pieces Of A Broken Man - Andre Nickatina
    "Pieces Of A Broken Man -Andre Nickatina i got a habit like a crazy lady ive been an addict since the late 80's i got tha soul of a crack baby i get material thangs wit the imperial game i would hang like"
  • Mysterious Girl - Andre Peter
    "Andre Peter Natural Mysterious Girl Babygirl...I said tonight is your lucky night Peter Andre along wid Bubbler Ranx on de mic I stop and stare at you walking to the shore I try to concentrate my mina"
  • Desperate Times - Andre Andersen
    "Andre Andersen Miscellaneous Desperate Times Cold. The night is crawling, surrounding every corner of our lives Wait - somebody's waiting for you to close your eyes... Sleep. Whole world's"

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