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one direction what make your beatiful

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one direction what make your beatiful
  • I am Kloot No Direction Home
    "Crawl upon the earth, scour the universe you know Set my compass north, circumscribe the earth and go - no direction homeWhats my part in this, whats this dream I cant let go Whats your weight of this,"
  • My Former Self Your Direction
    "Relieve Me Help me to find happiness in nothing I said, I'll help you out as much as I can. Although you may break down soon Drop to your knees and cry out. A path for you A direction to surely set you"
  • Ugly Americans The Wrong Direction
    "If you go downtown, Way down to Baltimore Street. You just might see my baby there. Yeah my baby might be someone you meet. Yeah if you go downtown And you take yourself a look around. You just might"
  • Make Up Your Mind Make Up Your Mind
    "lay on the couch, feed your big fat belly see the same shit, when you turn on the telly. Murder, sex, violence, is all that you find, this is the time to make up your mind. satan likes to rule, want to"
  • One Direction Still the One
    "Liam: Hello, hello, I know it’s been a while but baby I got something that I really wanna let you know, yeah Something that I wanna let you know Louis: You say, you say that everybody that you hate me Couldn’t"
  • Make Up Your Mind What We Know
    "When all falls apart, where we've trusted on, there is someone who stands solid above the chaos. It is the Lord our God, the everlasting Rock, the One where we build on, without falling off. Look at menkind,"
  • Barbra Streisand You're A Step In The Right Direction
    "You are a step in the right direction You are a step forward for me You are a step in the right direction You are a step forward for me! We blow hot and cold right into A heartache I come toward you and"
  • Tweet Make Your Move
    "The way you are makes me feel so good... Tell me what your name is damn you should be famous and I can barely take it could this be what faith is 'cause I've seen you more than twice damn you're my delight can"
  • The Delgados Make your Move
    "Finish what you've started here. You make your move just once a year. In the city in the town, your happy home is never found. Second hand was never planned. The birth was over, the baby banned. She fled"
  • Black Bomb A Make Your Choice
    "You feel the anger You rise up You're thinking differently You're looking like me You're violence is your enemy You cannot stand this pressure You feel the tension now You feel the tension now So liberate"

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