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paulina gagarina kolebienna

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paulina gagarina kolebienna
  • Rita Pax (Paulina Przybysz) Dead Bleeding Pride
    "(Rita Pax to zespołu, w którego składzie znajduje się Paulina Przybysz, Kasia Piszek, Piotr i Paweł Zalewscy oraz Jurk Markuszewski. Utwór "Dead Bleeding Pride" pochodzi z ostatniej płyty formacji, "Old"
  • Paulina Rubio I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover)
    "Sexual kind of love, gets my heart beating Cause you're an electric charge and I'm overheating Whenever you get too close I reach out and touch you But you'll never know it though, you look at me but you--- You"
  • Paulina Rubio Libre
    "Libre! como el mismo aire vive libre! Como lo hace el viento vuela libre! Cree en esa voz, levantate, convencete Y sigue la intuicion. Bien por ti, que hagas lo que quieras y que seas feliz que no te"
  • Paulina Rubio Not That Kind Of Girl
    "I know you're gonna change the way you think of me And so, I'm gonna show you how it supposed to be I'm gonna finally make you see I'm gonna make you learn your lesson with me Cause I'm not the kind of"
  • Paulina Rubio Stereo
    "(feat. Pretty Willie) It's very clear to me, just like it's in 3d When total empathy sounds like it's ringing on my stereo I'm bouncing off the wall, the way you turn me on I think I like this song, sounds"
  • Paulina Rubio The Last Goodbye
    "The streets are big and empty Ever since you left me I really hate to say That nothing's good for me It seems I haven't seen you lately The day without you pass me The hours and minutes blast me They're"
  • Paulina Rubio The One You Love
    "When you're on top of the world Or it's got you down When you're flying through the air Or you're crashing to the ground When you're searching for the light And it's nowhere to be found Just phone me"
  • Paulina Rubio Todo Mi Amor
    "Cuando tu sientas calor sin saber porque Es que alguien desde lejos piensa en ti creeme Cuando duermas en tu cama y mi llama te quemo Alguien te busca Yo te quiero en la distancia colgada de mi stress Entre"
  • Paulina Rubio Undeniable
    "In your brightly painted room There's a trace of my perfume And even though the lights are all on It's always hard cos right before dawn Still it wasn't hard to see The something missing there is me And"
  • Paulina Rubio Enamorada
    "Tu lo prometiste, dijiste escribire Ha pasado mucho tiempo, no resistire Mis amigas me preguntan, no se que decir Esta fiesta me atormenta, solo pienso en ti Me siento atrapada, alma enganada Pero enamorada,"

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