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  • Shawty - Plies ft. T-Pain
    "Whatz Happenin' Homie This The Lil'wo Plies Man Hey Pain Tell 'em Bout Your Shawty Ima Tel Em Bout Mine Even Though I'm Not Your Man, You Not My Girl Ima Call You My Shawty Cause I Can't Stand To See"
  • 100% Real Nigga - Plies
    "Im Commited To Bein A Real Nigga And Nuttin Else 100% Real Nigga Nuttin Less I Stand A Real Nigga That God Take My Last Breath I Do This Shit For The Few Real Niggas In The Streets Left I Had A Part"
  • Choppa Zone - Plies
    "Better ride with your fire Stay ya ass home Why? Becasue you in a muthafuckin chopper zone! And any FLAGGIN nigga live will cut them choppers on. Why? Cuz you in a mutha fuckin chooper zone! Where tha"
  • God Im Tired Of Lyin To Ya - Plies
    "Hey Man All My Niggas Out Here Man Who Out Here Like Me Dawg Who Out Here Head First My Nigga Chasin These Street Dreams Dawg Lets Fall Back Man Let Me Talk For You Real Quick Homie God Man Its Just"
  • Dope Boy - Plies
    "I'm A Dope Boy I'm A Dope Bope I'm A Dope Boy I'm A Dope Boy I'm A Dope Boy I'm A Dope Boy All Yo Girls Excited O U Know They Like It I'm A Dope Boy A Dope Boy Dope Boy Girl Don't Try To Fight It All Yo"
  • Aint Comin Home - Plies
    "Ay dog dis one here for all mutha fuckin niggaz dats locked up dog all my niggaz who biddn in prison my nigga a lot of niggaz fogot about cha but I aint fogot about cha I got some niggaz in prison"
  • Get You Wet - Plies
    "(feat. Pleasure) Bet if I suck on that pussy bet that'll get you wet And rub my hand on that clit bet that'll get you wet And rub my tongue down your neck bet that'll get you wet Bet if I suck on them"
  • Most Anticipated - Plies
    "Ask The Niggaz In The Streets Who They Anticipatin I Had To Deal With The Crackers Sorry To Keep You Waitin I'm Outta Jail Now Witness History In The Makin Aint No Secret No Mo Im The Most Anticipated"
  • 100 Years - Plies
    "My nigga e'erytime I think this shit gettin' rough out here for me my nigga... I just remind myself dog Monday through Friday homie... From 8 in the mornin' to 5 in the evenin' dog... It's some niggas"
  • 1 Mo Time - Plies
    "I know you caught me cheating and you tired of me lyin Imma be honest with you baby I know I crossed tha line If you dont wanna fuck with me no mo than cool that fine but before you go babe Can we fuck"

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