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  • La Canoa Ranch - Grupo Niche
    "(Folclor Chocoano- Jairo Varela) En esta canoa rancha que t me mandaste trae ya viene rompiendo el agua sólo por venite a v (bis/repeat) S mi compadre se muere no es por falta de cuidao debajo de la cama"
  • Spahn Ranch Dance - Sonic Youth
    "Coming down Sadie I love it Now now now Death Valley '69 You're right You're right You're right You're right I was on the wrong track We're deep in the valley And now in the canyon Out in the yonder She"
  • Ranch On Mars (Reprise) - Galactic Cowboys
    "No more talking time to land...galactic cowboys You give me hope you understand...galactic cowboys Roped my media's lasso...galactic cowboys They all want a piece of you...galactic cowboys Someday you'll"
  • Cadillac Ranch (Dance Club Version) - Chris LeDoux
    "Well, the well went dry and the cow did too Daddy didn't know what to do The banker came by the house one day He said he's gonna take the farm away Then mama came up with a plan My brother and me started"
  • History - Jesus Ranch Version - Tenacious D
    "We ride with kings on mighty steeds, across the devil's plain. We've walked with Jesus and his cross, he did not die in vain, no! We've run with wolves, we've climbed K2, even stopped a moving train."
  • Cars (Spahn Ranch Mix) - Gary Numan
    "Here in my car I feel safest of all I can lock all my doors It's the only way to live In cars Here in my car I can only receive I can listen to you It keeps me stable for days In cars Here in my car Where"
  • Meanwhile Back At The Ranch - Badfinger
    "Why do you think me so hard to get? Is there something they might regret? Is it better to just forget, just forget? If they only would let us know Then we'd know just how far to go But instead they just"
  • Ranch On Mars Pt. 2 (Set Me Free) - Galactic Cowboys
    "Set me free Cut the strings Break the ties and leave it all behind. Set me free I got the news The strings are loose, I've taken back my life. We built a ranch on Mars Tried to live among the stars But"
  • El lazo - Victor Jara
    "Cuando el sol se inclinaba,lo encontr,en un rancho sombro,de Lonqun,en un rancho de pobres,lo encontr,cuando el sol se inclinaba,en Lonqun.Sus manos siendo tan viejaseran fuertes pa' trenzar,eran rudas"
  • A Jangada Voltou S - Dorival Caymmi
    "A jangada saiu Com Chico Ferreira e Bento A jangada voltou só Com certeza foi l fora Algum p de vento A jangada voltou só Chico era o boi do rancho Nas festa de Natar Chico era o boi do rancho Nas festa"

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