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  • Pearls - Sade
    "There is a woman in somalia Scraping for pearls on the roadside There's a force stronger than nature Keeps her will alive That's how she's dying She's dying to survive Don't know what she's made of I would"
  • Smooth Operator - Sade
    "He's laughing with another girl And playing with another heart Placing high stakes, making hearts ache He's loved in seven languages Jewel box life diamond nights and ruby lights, high in the sky Heaven"
  • The Sweetest Taboo - Sade
    "If I tell you If I tell you now Will you keep on Will you keep on loving me If I tell you If I tell you how I feel Will you keep bringing out the best in me You give me, you give me the sweetest taboo You"
  • Your Love Is King - Sade
    "Your love is king Crown you with my heart Your love is king Never need to part Your kisses ring Round and round and round my head Touching the very part of me It's making my soul sing Tearing the very"
  • Feel No Pain - Sade
    "Mamma been laid off Pappa been laid off My brother's been laid off For more than two years now Ooh can't get a job Billy can't get a job Ooh they gotta listen to the blues Help them to strive Help them"
  • I Couldn't Love You More - Sade
    "I couldn't love you more If time was running out Couldn't love you more Oh right now baby Take me by the hand come on Be my darling be the one I wouldn't want to lay or ever love with another If everyone"
  • Bullet Proof Soul - Sade
    "I was so in love with you You rarely see a love that's true Wasn't that enough for you Wasn't that enough for you I would climb a mountain I wouldn't want to see you fall Rock climb for you And give you"
  • Haunt Me - Sade
    "Haunt me In my dreams If you please You're breath is with me now and always It's like a breeze So should you ever doubt me If it's help that you need Never dare to doubt me And if you want to sleep I'll"
  • Turn My Back On You - Sade
    "To turn my back on you Now would I turn my back on me To turn my back on you Now would I turn my back on me No (don't say) I'm not gonna turn my back on you You know I'll never let you down (ah ha) No"
  • Keep Looking - Sade
    "Some will tell you that you're wrong You do it all the wrong way Some will tell you that you're wrong That you don't know the way They enjoy cheapness Don't show your weakness Don't let them bother you"

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