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shone bejcer

  • Heat of the Moment - Asia & Boston
    "I never meant to be so bad to you One thing I said that I would never do A look from you and I would fall from grace And that would wipe this smile right from my face Do you remember when we used to dance And"
  • Tonight I Fly - Impellitteri
    "She worked so hard for Hollywood Papers signed at immigration Left her country and home for good Last destination *Tonight I will fly This night I will fly On a house at Beachwood two four twenty eight The"
  • Her Velvet Voice - The Juliana Theory
    "In the cracking cold your velvet voice ventures from your lips Stiffly walking words, they seem to hang here You place each phrase like puzzle pieces: planned, precise, and perfect You play me like a piano"
  • Her Velvet Voice (Hidden Track) - Juliana Theory
    "In the Cracking Cold your Velvet Voice ventures from your Lips. Stiffly walking words, They seem to hang here You place each Phrase like puzzle pieces: Planned, Precise, and Perfect You play me like"
  • Falling - Cathy Dennis
    "You think I'm indestructible, but I'm not I'm just a petal from a flower And I'm falling Deeper into you You think that I'm susceptible, but I'm not The truth is scaring you to reason Why I'm falling deeper"
  • Orangefield - The Exies
    "On a gold autumn dayYou came my way in OrangefieldSaw you standing by the riverside in OrangefieldHow I love you then in OrangefieldLike I love you now in Orangefield And the sun shone on your hairWhen"
  • Lamnet - Madonna
    "(Madonna/Eva:) The choice was mine, and mine completely I could have any prize that I desired I could burn with the splendor of the brightest fire Or else, or else I could choose time Remember I was very"
  • Knight On The Town - Kula Shaker
    "She had been waiting all week for her night on the town He saw a lost soul of heaven that walked on the ground Well the motor car felt like a carriage The disco became as a palace and shone like a crown It"
  • Magic Theatre - Kula Shaker
    "She had been witing all week for ther knight on the town He saw a lost soul of heavn that walked on the ground Well the the motor car felt like a carriage The disco became as a palace that shone like a"
  • The Bob (Medley) - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry) I dreamed last night about your face Your star shone all night Over the moon it shone brighter Star shining so bright You were so pure not for this world So gentle and light How could I hear their"

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