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sistek direction

  • No direction - The Unseen
    "Madness I can't escapeFrenzy running rampant through my mindHow much more can you take when you have no...No directionAll these years of living life on the runCan leave you mentally or physically scarredYou're"
  • No Direction Home - I am Kloot
    "Crawl upon the earth, scour the universe you know Set my compass north, circumscribe the earth and go - no direction homeWhats my part in this, whats this dream I cant let go Whats your weight of this,"
  • In Every Direction - So Many Dynamos
    "Everywhere you look, in every direction. It's desolate now, It's creeping me out, It's everywhere you look. In every direction, there's needles in the air. There's one eye aware in every sleeping head, Everywhere"
  • I Need Direction - Teenage Fanclub
    "I used to feel fine you were to be mine I need direction to take me to you I've asked the sunshine shadowed the skyline I need direction to take me to you I get brainwaves I get visions slow"
  • In Your Direction - Ratt
    "Well, I saw the time closin' in, you said you're leavin' me I'm cursed with your heart's perfection Well, said it's right to believe Well, months and days, they slowly pass I'm not waitin' for you You"
  • Wrong Direction Home - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) In a shingle covered cottage at the foothills of blue stacks Near a mountain stream that's flowing crystal clear Where the humming birds and honey bees feed on Mama's roses My mem'ries"
  • My Direction (live) - Sum 41
    "Perfection is my direction Even if that's all I had It's not like I need no correction I just know that life's not so bad Picture this everyday kids that just can't find a way Stuck in disarray can't"
  • The Wrong Direction - Ugly Americans
    "If you go downtown, Way down to Baltimore Street. You just might see my baby there. Yeah my baby might be someone you meet. Yeah if you go downtown And you take yourself a look around. You just might"
  • Wisdom Without Direction - Drowned
    "Everyone's betrayed greed, forced to choose between surrender and death... We can choose between to be good or bad. Everyone's imposed to live the same truth but it doesn't make dreams come true. These"
  • Looking For Direction - Subb
    "Devastated by the echoes Who'd ever thought that I'd know Overwhelmed by the words you said Make no sense in my head Understated more than one time Looking for the perfect line Still trying hard to keep"

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