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smutny freestyle

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smutny freestyle
  • Lil' Kim Freestyle
    "Uh-Ready to battle you Lyrically f*ck you up and rattle you Bitch'll write sh*t for ya And still spit sh*t harder than the average dude what i'm saying is coming genuine is a must but you're a opposed"
  • Cappadonna Freestyle
    "(Cappadonna) Aiyo, I'm all fucked up, like them niggaz in the struggle be I look good on the outside, but got dust in me I'm vexed, I spent all my life in the projects You could never know what's next Even"
  • Mary J. Blige Freestyle
    "Sixty Minutes of Funk with Funkmaster Flex Mary J. Blige, doin this for the number one DJ Bringin you that late night street life Now it's the M.J.B., raw to the dog Chillin with Flex, the big man boss"
  • Tony Touch Freestyle
    "(feat. Noreaga) Tony Touch, Iraq, Iraq, 50 MC's... A little bit a thugs is all it takes to make this industry just brake *repeat* What, what, what poison arrows Swords and lords, yo, but really My Mac-milly,"
  • DJ Kayslay Freestyle
    "(feat. Eminem) I'd be a horrible mixtape DJ I would be really fuckin bad THIS IS MOTHERFUCKIN EMINEM! Or just Eminem Whatever you want to call me And your listenin to the motherfuckin easy listenin"
  • Big Punisher Freestyle
    "(feat. Remy Martin) Yo yo yo What the fuck, Terror Squad All we do is battle what; what, what what Yo it's "The Dream Shatterer" strictly for cream team battler Ring rattlin microphone fiend spline"
  • Sublime Freestyle
    "From under that great stone got to move From under that great stone gots to remove From under that great stone Stone of babylon From under that great stone got to remove Real real real That's so real to"
  • DMX Freestyle
    "Uh, uh, uh Niggaz gettin trampled on, what's all the fuss about? Suckin my dick so hard, I'm bustin in they mouth And then I snuff em out, four to the mid', fuck what I did With no regard for a bid,"
  • McGruff Freestyle
    "I want fast cash, slow dough's a no-no And livin so-so, flip coco, dippin from po-po Clippin fo-fo, sippin alize and mo-mo Ro' glow, incognito, on the low-low Puff 'dro slow, bulletproof, vest and hat On"
  • Cassidy Freestyle
    "Yeah, this Swizz Beats We need yall to vote. Vote or die, man {Cassidy} Yall already know what it is lets get em. Tha block pop so tha strip full rocks-got a fist full bull pop shit that hot shit I got"

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