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taka taa aaa tyry ry ry ry ry rrr ry hante esta most

  • Rally Round The Flag - Ry Cooder
    "(Traditional) Yes, we'll rally 'round the flag, boys We'll rally 'round again Shouting the battle cry of Freedom We will rally from the hillside We'll gather from the plain Shouting the battle cry"
  • Viola Lee Blues - Ry Cooder
    "The judge decreed it, clerk he wrote it I say he wrote it down indeed The judge decreed it, clerk he wrote it down Give you this jail sentence you must be Nashville bound Some got six month, some got"
  • Chan Chan - Ry Cooder
    "(Francisco Repilado) (Dm) - (F) - (C) - (A7) De (Dm) Alto Cedro voy (F) para Marcane (C) Luego a Cueto voy (A7) para Mayari. El cariiao a,ue te tengo Yo no lo puedo negar Se me sale la babita Yo"
  • Onda Callejera - Ry Cooder
    "Era la medianoche, when oimos the scream. Se requieren cien taxis en el almeria de Chavez Ravine. Un monton de soldados, jovenes y enganados, Llevaron su bronca to Downtown LA. Contra Los Pachucos, sin"
  • Chinito Chinito - Ry Cooder
    "CHINITO, CHINITO Chinito, chinito, toca la malaca (maraca), chinito. Chinito, chinito, no plecupes (preocupes) ms. Chinito, chinito, me lava la lopa (ropa). Chinito, chinito, no plecupes ms. Cuando"
  • Strike! - Ry Cooder
    "Well I got off the train one evening in a little mining town I started walking up the main street when the sun was going down When I heard some voices singing, so I went to see what for Might just be"
  • J. Edgar - Ry Cooder
    "Down on the farm we had a pig, J. Edgar was his name He'd eat up all our victuals and start back up again Just like them vacuum cleaners they sell down in the lane Well, that's how J. Edgar Hoover got"
  • Footprints In The Snow - Ry Cooder
    "Well, some folks like the summertime they can walk about Strolling through the meadow green it's pleasant there's no doubt But to me the wintertime is the best of all 'Cause I found her when the snow on"
  • Sundown Town (The Reverend Tom Toad) - Ry Cooder
    "Mine eyes have seen the beauty of a land bright and fair My soul looked out and wondered, can we make the journey there But I've lost my sight and I have to be led Well I mean to work for justice till"
  • Christmas In Southgate - Ry Cooder
    "Well, you got no credit and I got no cash Now that bonus they give us was nothing but trash You been laid off at Goodyear, I been laid off at Hughes It looks like a bad year, there just ain't no use 'Cause"

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