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take step back xxxtentation

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take step back xxxtentation
  • Killah Priest One Step
    "Your arms too short to box with god... (KP, Iron Shiek, In these times we gotta take one step.. forward. put one foot in front of the other, my brother.. Yo, check this out) {Killah Priest, Hell Razah,"
  • Charlie Winston Every Step
    "I'm a fool to be kind to you ; It's not what the men in your life tend to do Must be so strange ; finding someone Who only accepts you Rejection's a lesson you've had You're lost in the anger you feel"
  • Sweetbox Every Step
    "In every crowded room In every lonely bar The faintest trace of you everywhere Or on a busy street When someone laughs like you Loaded memories conquer me and I give in Every step I take Every move I"
  • Hitman Sammy Sam Step Daddy
    "This for da stepdaddies here Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy (Step Daddy) Do tha stepdaddy HEY!!! Can't come ova tonite! Say:"
  • Opiate For The Masses Step Up
    "You got a problem with my cookie cutter life? I'll Put you back in your place! And if you looking at my cookie cutter wife, I'll kick the smile off your face! My only daughter is an honor role student, And"
  • Boyz II Men Step Up
    "Been working hard everyday (9 to 5) I need a place to get away (where I can feel alive) Seems like my drama, it won't ever cease (I had to stay away) Now it's time to find my inner peace (I'm coming out"
  • Shystie Step Bac
    "Understand this, here comes another bad gal lyric Whose more than over pissed that there's not a true verbalist Giving competition to this super trooper lyricist Whose blowing up most these emcees like"
  • Comeback Kid Step Ahead
    "Back again Right where I started And I can't find anything To take me out of your Shallow waters That I've been drowning in so long Who's here to take me out Time to face another day But will it be just"
  • Ministry Step
    "I need help I need help I don't know who I am no more I'm gonna get some help Help me Step! Step, step it up baby! Got a question for you: like, who, what, where, why? Are we even here? Or are we following"
  • Asia Cruise Step Step
    "Alright Yeah Somethin Goin Wrong But It Feels So Right, Tonight Yeah But What Going On? You're My Guiding Light Tonight Yeah Hope You Can Keep Up With The Way I Move (Move) Yeah Look Me In My Eyes Tell"

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