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  • Myriads Flickering Thoughts
    "(Music: Myriads, Lyrics: Alexander Twiss and Mona Undheim Skottene) Frames of truth, I can see the falseness lying in thee, fills me with confusion and distrust Innocence, I can see the wildness figured"
  • On Thorns I Lay Deep Thoughts
    "I speak to you like a frieland, a beck fray full of fame Flames of hesitation today we'll see Yearning after groans of pain I exult for me win a fad of sorrow is coming from future to you Blue horizons"
  • Bloc Party Little Thoughts
    "Been thinking little thoughts Keep on walking try to stay up Pay Attention to the details We go slowly, slowly down Been thinking little thoughts Keep on walking try to stay up Pay Attention to the"
  • Paula Abdul Sexy thoughts
    "Day or night it's the way of life Whatever keeps me pumpin' Whatever makes me feel alright Well I've been tryin' to find myself I was in a trance but now I feel like dancin' Put on your platforms, get"
  • Lesion Useless Thoughts
    "My shadows thrown out over me, ALone on my knees. I'm going to beat my head several times For I wanna destroy myself... ...But I know that I haven't the heart to do it. I'm the frailest guy Cutting blades"
  • David Gray Random Thoughts
    "Random Thoughts LIGHTENING struck my heart Moving in and out of consciousness/subconsciousness faster, faster, faster thoughts scatter race for truth books, books, books papers, papers, papers an"
  • 122 Stab Wounds Divided Thoughts
    "Bowing Before Me Achieving A Violent Rush Psychotic Pleasure A Need To Kill Satisfaction In Orgasmic Thrills Handcuffed To The Bed Enslave My Perverted Divine Blindfolded Experience In Nocturnal Pain At"
  • NOKO Bad Thoughts
    "I’ve been waiting for all the bad thoughts to go I’ve been heading on down, with my hands bound, head low Feeling there is no one nowhere there, What I feel is so Wrong fading down and cold Heading hell,"
  • Jay-Z Cashmere Thoughts
    "Hah, hah, hah, hah, yeah, yeah What it is player? You player, it's all about you How you gon' say that man If I had your hand I'd turn mine in Far as I'm concerned, if I had your hand, I cut mines off Hah"
  • Q Strange Decayed thoughts
    "(Some of you people listen to this music like this shit is funny Man this shit ain't funny I have a problem And I need help I mean goddamn look at me Just look at me) Godamn, look at me, I'm a mess I mean,"

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