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undegraund fly

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undegraund fly
  • Avril Lavigne Fly
    "Just reach up, don't give up until you've touched the sky. Just reach up, don't give up until you've realized that we were all meant to fly"
  • Alabama 3 Fly
    "Fly with me Come on, fly with me Fly with me You'll never come down This is your captain speaking Cigarette burns on the sofa, whiskey on my new linoleum floor You wonder why on Wednesday's I'm so wasted,"
  • Graham Parker Fly
    "Pre> Intro am c (twice) (c) am c As you look into an invisible landscape Dm7 c And the waves of time part behind your back G As your life crumbles and turns into fiction Dm7 c And the end"
  • Vision Divine Fly
    "How many times Have I been falling down? Lost in the dark With no answers left I don't remember Now I roam all alone Searching for an answer For a reason to stand up and stay Waiting for a guiding light Breaking"
  • The Michael Gungor Band :Fly
    "Words and music by Michael Gungor Full of doubt Trying to work it out Could you lay it down For no It's good to think But it's good to drink From this living stream So why Why don't you fly Free your"
  • Mark Joseph Fly
    "Can I be a friend Leave me to the end Cos' I know it's written in the wind Take me to higher ground Come on! Speed of sound Cos' I know it's written in the wind Written in the wind Written in the wind You've"
  • Eddie From Ohio Fly
    "I'm kinda small for my age But I've learned to be quiet Did you know if you're quiet enough You'll become invisible, indivisible Ours is a family of three There's my mom dad and me I'm the only one who's"
  • Miranda Sex Garden Fly
    "Find me now oh, find me now when I still want to be found Feel me now oh, feel me now when I still know how to feel I will fly for you What I still have missed? Drown me now oh, drown"
  • The Church Fly
    "Baby smiled like a tiny child She talks her head off, and the land lies wild Tossed and turned on a teardrop sea And all the dark clowns who are following me And they fly, she pointed up into the sky And"
  • Sanctus Real Fly
    "When last place is where I've been It's hard to find the strength to start again Sometimes it seems like I can never win I'm held back by the weight of the crowd Can't move to find my way out You give"

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