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vertical horizon

  • New Horizon - Midnattsol
    "There was a time long long ago where humanity let the seeds grow and didn't doubt the creatures value Will we ever understand? how we destroy Let the ice inside us melt and change Wish to see the trees"
  • Pale Horizon - The Action Design
    "I gotta feelin', gotta feelin' that I just can't shake No matter what I do it's still looming there In my mind on the horizon there's something strange it's creeping closer till it's everywhere And the"
  • Blue Horizon - Graham Parker
    "We'd follow the sound Of the dirt tracking bikes Into the sunset Into the sunset Or the wings of a painted lady butterfly That escaped the net Escaped the net Or the cry of a long lost bird That defied"
  • Forsaken Horizon - Caliban
    "a glance back, a glance into the now tears sweeten the day, but the aftertaste is bitter where are the good old times, where is my dependence - bullet! in your presence my memories swallow me moment for"
  • Event Horizon - Peter Hammill
    "Flat on my back, I can feel myself falling into a singular state of mind; as if through a fog, I can hear someone calling. I know I'm cutting it fine, thinking that maybe it's time to cross the line. The"
  • Longing horizon - Battlelore
    "Every morn I awake and look to the skySomething is wrong, I can sense the passing timeEvery night I close my eyesI must move onWhen I am watching the others, far away or next to meHeir their words, hidden"
  • Horizon (Reprise) - Culture Beat
    "Get funky mr dj Do that thing from a guy called jay jay Say you'll play that song There's a gril out there and she turns me on I feel for her Really feel for her And if she hears that one I hope it affects"
  • Silent Horizon - Dying Wish
    "I am standing. Instead of my face the silent surface of the lake Reflects the profile of an innocent infant He used to escape from the world crying And now he cannot belive it's the end Hesitating smile"
  • Infinity horizon - Vesania
    "Far beyond your gods and beliefs There are worlds you'd never even think of The question shines through the centuries If one can get there and back The history knows so many of them Who claimed to be enlightened"
  • Empty Horizon - Abscess
    "The unhealing wound Existing only to consume Eat flesh, swallow life It's inside of you Inherently unpure Not of this world Ancient conscious drives Insistent holocaust March onward into empty horizons March"

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