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wolf people

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wolf people
  • Heart The Wolf
    "You were born to privilege Licking on a silver spoon Think you gotta buy all your friends Just so you can tear up the room Your kind is a dime a dozen I've seen it all before A parasite in a good disguise Just"
  • Krokus Night Wolf
    "Oooowwww I walk the city streets And I'm looking for some tushie I want to feel, I want to touch And not just some hoochie koochie 9 to 5, half alive Devil in a sheepskin Time to die, the beast is out I'm"
  • Devendra Banhart Mama Wolf
    "When I'm in the woods I know what to call you now. Hey, mama wolf. Well, Maybe the mountains know what to call you now. Hey, mama wolf. Well, when I'm in a womb I know what to call you now. And, when a"
  • Bebe Rexha Cry Wolf
    "When your heart is borrowed Where the grass is green, but underneath you're cold and hollow Yeah, the words are sweet but no see they're hard to swallow So sick of your crooked smile and your counterfeit"
  • Ludwig Hirsch Der Wolf
    "Ganz hinten in dem kleinen alten Tiergarten wo die Viecher ganz besonders traurig schaun da lebt mir scheint's schon ewig in'm dunklen engen Kfig der alte rudige Wolf. Ein'n Hasen und ein'n Tanzbrn die"
  • Elvis Presley Wolf Call
    "Flip, flop a-kay-eye What a cutie pie I see, ''(yeah yeah)'' Oops shoopa doo-wah Lips of honey that's for me ''(yeah yeah)'' Shim sham shimmie Wanna howl and shout I might forget you baby There's no doubt I"
  • Nazareth Cry Wolf
    "ime out, no good now Screamin' too loud And I can't hear a word you say Look out, way too late Sun's going down And I'm comin' around your way You keep calling me all night You keep saying it's alright,"
  • Styx Witch Wolf
    "(James Young, Ray Brandle) Reoccurring symptoms Answer the baleful howl Bringing me dreams of darkness The doer of all that's foul Raping the minds of infants Sower of unplanted seeds Full moon warrior Doer"
  • Trouble The Wolf
    "Final night draws near On the old house by the hill Night draws near Where the children all played at will When the sun at last comes down Hushing merry din Mother won't you look around Are the children"
  • Savage Cry wolf
    "Some say its easy Like taking candy from a child But still hed hit the bottle Like it was going out of style He said hed kicked the need Holding a shot in his hand But lifes plain indifference Too much"

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