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1000 koń

Teksty piosenek (1895)

1000 koń
  • Blake Lewis 1000 Miles
    "Now that it's over Now that you're not here I have to start over But where to begin I'm lost inside my head I can't remember a day without you here Piecing the puzzle of memories forgotten And all that"
  • Sweetbox 1000 Words
    "I know that you're hiding things using gentle words to shelter me your words were like a dream but dreams could never fool me... Not that easily I acted so distant then didn't say good-bye before you"
  • Vanessa Carlton 1000 Miles
    "Making my way downtown Walking fast Faces pass And I'm home bound Staring blankly ahead Just making my way Making a way Through the crowd And I need you And I miss you And now I wonder.... If I could"
  • Alex Lloyd 1000 Miles
    "The cold has past the sun, it's shining. We're digging holes, we're gold heart mining. So here you stand, without a plan, the dream is here, surpass your fear. I said hey, you're a thousand miles away, I"
  • Third Eye Blind 1000 Julys
    "Planning my attack just before you come back around Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know how to back down I never fit in, I don't belong But you know it doesn't matter when we're feeling strong Cause"
  • Ride 1000 Miles
    "This night these memories lost and found Are taking over me I could see your picture and hear the sound Of the song you sung to me You gotta feel and take every chance You did the right thing Drove"
  • Asian Dub Foundation 1000 Mirrors
    "A Thousand Broken Mirrors A scream a shout far in the distance Maybe the first or second floor Curtains colouring the windows Never see behind closed doors A silent siege behind politeness Domestic harmony"
  • Alabaster Box 1000 Miles
    "if it were a thousand miles to heaven would i run there to you or lace my daisy chains much longer cos i cant let go yeah if eternity was on the floor of the ocean blue yeah would i take my friends way"
  • Cruachan 1000 Years
    "As I look out across the sea I stand proud but am I free? A thousand years have come and gone I have won, I will go on Stand firm against the storm I cannot see it but it will come And with the ghosts"
  • Dechant Anne E 1000 Souls
    "Funny but I've watched her for so long We have never shared a word Her eyes never lift from the sidewalk Long enough for me to say You touch me so. I feel your soul And from my mother's blood And my father's"

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