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24 godziny

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24 godziny
  • Luis Angel 24 Horas
    "24 horas, pueden ser una vida cuando se ama como ayer nosotros con amor intenso sin dejarnos nada te bastaron tan solo 1 o 2 miradas para darte cuenta que mi sed entero te necesitaba y como angel al cielo me"
  • The Sounds 24 Hours
    "Fragile, handle with careYou fall in love then you lose your headFor the last 24 hours,Well I've been crying my heart outThis time hoping for the betterBeen down seems like foreverFor the next 24 hoursWell"
  • Amaran 24 Pills
    "If I was brave I'd shut my mouth Put an end to our fights I'd jump into a neon light Taste the concrete and break my bones I could be born again As one of your lucky strikes If I wouldn't f**k up my mind"
  • Banda Ms El 24
    "Me dicen el 24 Entre la gente importante Mis amigos y parientes Tambien me llaman tecate... Yo soy nacido en la sierra En el pueblo de la "s" Y en el negocio en donde ando Se andan rifando la muerte... Que"
  • 3T 24/7
    "You need a man That satisfies Someone that cares for you Someone to hold All through the night And make your dreams come true You need a man To treat you right And knows just what to do Don't look too"
  • Welbilt 24 Hours
    "24 Hours The light's go down in Baltimore Blink your eyes the sun is coming up The radio is playing songs we should have known but Never seems to be quite loud enough The traffic lights they match the"
  • Nikki Webster 24/7
    "Hey Come here next to me Come and talk to me You'll see I'm the girl in your dreams You Are all I'm lookin' for Let's walk down to the shore And play Just Enjoy a sunny day BRIDGE I don't care where you"
  • G-Unit 24's
    "[50 Cent] [50 Cent] Yeah Buck.. lets take it down south so they know whats going down there Haha.. Get'em Buck! 24's Calicos That's how all my gangsters roll Get dat dough fuck dem hoes That's"
  • Kevon Edmonds 24-7
    "Baby it's no mystery You're bringing out the best in me And though I've been in love before I've never had the kind of love that made me feel secure I never thought that give and take Mentality was right"
  • Immature 24/7
    "I cant sleep, cuz you're not here This isnt just another love affair And I dont need, nobody else It's killing me, day by day Feelin stronger every minute only you Can get me up this way, whoa Chorus 65"

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