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3wzrotka hymnu

  • HYMN ULICY - Bonus rpk
    "nienawiśc do policji tak zostałem wychowany za kurewskie zagrywki lamus *** kto jest winien niech pierwszy rzuci kamień jak jesteś prawilniakiem to karć gnoi za ćpanie z ulicy sprawozdanie dbanie o podwórko jak"
  • Serve Hymn - Andrew Peterson
    "Serve Hymn Words and music by Andrew Peterson High this mountain, broad this sea Still, my sin ran deeper Grave offense my soul did wreak Against creation's keeper But see what power so fell and fair Has"
  • 123DZIKI (Hymn) - Spinache
    "bądź razem ze mną kiedy idee na szczyt kiedy wygrywam, to wygrywasz też ty bądź razem ze mną kiedy idee na szczyt kiedy wygrywam, to wygrywasz też ty bądź razem ze mną kiedy idee na szczyt zawsze do końca to"
  • Christmas Hymn - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith) Praise to God whose love was shown Who sent his Son to earth Jesus left his rightful throne Became a man by birth The virgin's baby son All creation praised Him God incarnate"
  • Sorrow's Hymn - Sarah Masen
    "And so my mind aches with sorrows deep down Breaking my soul inside It is the sadness that brings my head down Down on my knees But I know my Redeemer lives That's where my heart finds rest In Him I find"
  • Banana Hymn - Kevin Ayers
    "When it comes to discussing bananas, I am moved to extravagant praise; For the banana is firm and substantial, And may be used in a number of ways. With more presence than leeks or asparagus, And more"
  • Irish Hymn - Kevin Max
    "Oh no look at the sun Here it comes another Monday Without warning man time shoots down the drain Take a look your life is over Did you pick a four leaf clover? Anyway you end, you end anyway I pray for"
  • Funeral Hymn - Exodus
    "Let not the sun go down on my wrath I let it shake the world Vengeance is the grudge I bear flag of reckoning unfurled You are the architect of your own demise so smile no more I am the gatekeeper, and"
  • Earth Hymn - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    "Listen all around Symphony of sound will take you Drifting down through your dreams In an endless stream Singing through the air On its wings of fiery silence The melody comes crystal clear Can you hear"
  • Hymn 43 - Overkill
    "Oh father high in heaven -- smile down upon your son He's busy with his money games -- his women and his gun. Oh Jesus save me! And the unsung Western hero, he killed an Indian or three And then he made"

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