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50 Cent - Straight To The Bank

  • 50 / 50 - Lemar
    "Been a long time - you say you missed me Word gets round - you shouldn?t have dissed me Step back - don?t try to kiss me Right about now I?m 50/50 I heard it through the grapevine that you were with him"
  • 50 Shot Ya - DJ Kayslay
    "(feat. 50 Cent) Yo, yo, yo What the fuck poppin' man This the Drama King man Yo who there, who dat, who there man? (Yeah, yeah, it's 50 Cent nigga) Muthafucka (What's up man) Uh, Harlem to Queens muthafuckas (Heh,"
  • One Last Time(Encore) F. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent - Eminem
    "Sh Sh...Shady Aftermath HaHa G G G-Unit! HaHa Cause we came here to set this party off right Let's bounce tonight And if they don't let us in through the front We'll come through the side Cause I don't"
  • 8 Mile Road - Remix (Feat. 50 Cent And G-Unit) - Eminem
    "[50 Cent] Yeah..50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo G-UNIT! This rap shit plays a major part of my life So if you jeapordize it I got the right To send a mothafucka at you tonight G-Unit! And I ain't"
  • 50/Banks - G-Unit
    "(*Starts off with the beat of Tweet's "Call Me," then changes over to Bubba Sparxxx & Jadakiss' "They Ain't Ready") (Intro - 50 Cent talking) Uh, yeah, G-Unit, uh, yeah 50 Cent, uh, yo (Chorus 1 - 50"
  • 50 Ways - Snow
    "CHORUS 50 ways (go go go go) 50 ways to flip a style REPEAT *4 skiddily diddily boom boom a whop a dung dem you never know say daddy me snow yes me come back again snow that begin a reading for the musical"
  • Fuck 50 - Fat Joe
    "(Shots being fired) Yeah, that'll do it Yeah, I love hip hop I love this muthafuckin hip hop game This nigga here is a little nigga man Stay in your motherfucking lane nigga You fucking with the Don nigga Folow"
  • The Realist (Feat. 50 Cent And B.I.G. Radio Versio - Eminem
    "Shady in the place to be seen And I got what it takes to rock the mic RIGHT! Still watch what you say to me punk cuz I'm off probation in less then 6 MONTHS! We the realest label. 50 Cent and B.I.G. my"
  • 50 CENTÓW (feat. Ero JWP) - Oki
    "Czuję sie jak pół dolara kiedy wychodzę na scenę byś złamał kark chłopie mam ten pojebany vibe co cię w kark kopie bo ja to dupy w miniówach ziomów w snaktopie dobre butla dobrze pomiesza mi smak w topie cdn"
  • 50 To A Pound - The Paddingtons
    "How can you deal with the pain All alone by the window, how can I complain The light really shines over you But if you're breaking your back Do you know these things are true And when you are coming down It"

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