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  • Give me back my man - B 52s
    "She cuts her hairand calls his name.Wishin' everything could be the same,like when she had him.Chorus:I'll give you fish,I'll give you candy,I'll give you everthing I have in my hand.Walking out of Korvettes,Package"
  • Good stuff - B 52s
    "Brrrr! All right Bum bum-Bum bum (in combinations) Ooo baby! What? How about givin' me some of that good stuff Well... Here it 'tis Here it 'tis Here it 'tis Here it 'tis Are you lookin' for it? Are you"
  • Hallucinating Pluto - B 52s
    "See the fool who mimicks the sunBurning out like a quasar-pulsingYour lunar laugh and smokey dreamsBare your soul and take controlWhile the spaced out space chickKeeps the cosmic beatAnd day-glo daffodilsAre"
  • Hero worship - B 52s
    "Heroes falling to the ground Like Hell's magnet Pulls me down On my knees I try to please his eyes His idol eyes Jerking motions won't revive him Mouth to mouth resusitation I just lay down beside him"
  • Hot corner - B 52s
    "There goes the lawScreamin' byThree a.m. and the minutes flyNo damn class in the Classic CityHe's a mess but he's really prettyI-I-I'm lookin' for some funWaitin' for that bus from Winder to comeI-I-I'm"
  • Hot pants explosion - B 52s
    "You know what I say to your hot pants? Say what? Say get on down, ah ha ha... I'm in shippin', if you're receivin' 'Cause what I see I ain't believin' The longest legs in the shortest pants You got me"
  • Housework - B 52s
    "I am doing my houseworkGot no time to fool 'roundI am doing my houseworkCLeanin' up and I'm gettin' downIt'll be so cleanYou can eat off the floorYou can eat off the wallOr anywhere at all'Cause I'll make"
  • Is that you mo-dean - B 52s
    "Wain' for bus #99 goin' to the store for hot dogs and wine! When all of a sudden, I felt real cold And wound up in the body of a big ol' UFO On the bus, to the plane To the UFO and to outer space baby"
  • Juicy jungle - B 52s
    "Millions of trees Don't chop them down See them growing for miles around I like the rainclouds I like the heat Don't want parched earth burning my feet I like the jungle I like its style Keep it growing,"
  • Juliet of the spirits - B 52s
    "Juliet I can feel your glowOf passions ready to explodeSecrets youve kept should all be toldLike blossoms ready to unfoldJuliet youre not afraid anymoreJuliet- Juliet Im not afraid anymoreSweet loves coming"

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