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Albert vishi new day

  • New Day - Ann Beretta
    "Sometimes I'm at war with myself but wasn't I so good to you? led astray by your own devices too much at stake put an end to you broken are the ties that make better excuses forshortened dreams for shortened"
  • New Day - Sheryl Crow
    "What we gon' do right now is go back, way back Bring in the groove I wanna dedicate this to those who never made it From kindergarten to the 12th I never graduated Yo but college wasn't for some of us So"
  • New Day - Gentleman
    "And it look like you left that behind Words and sounds combine Hafi give thanks fi the power of devine Lost in search of the big goldmine And ina darkness blind man a lead blind With no limitation i man"
  • New Day - Absynthe Minded
    "Abysnthe Minded - New Day Last night I dreamed that all of you were gone I had not one relationship begun no name no face that you would know no place or home to call my own i drove around brussels by"
  • New Day - Wyclef Jean
    "We're gonna take ya back now, come on I like the way this is going down Ladies and gents Yo I'mma do this for the kids check it out Here we go, yo (Wyclef) We don't need no education (yeah) Says a young"
  • New Day - Dreadful Shadows
    "I walk along the mantus path. It's the same as yesturday. Nothing's changed and nothing's evolved anywhere. Too many voices call your name. My own is much to weak. To be heard, to be felt. And Drawn,"
  • New Power Day - New Power Generation (N.P.G.)
    "(In sports, the International Basketball League was busy last night) (With 7 games on the schedule) {phone rings} (The Cavaliers came up with a surprise upset) (Beating the Bullets 108 to 99) Talk"
  • The Snows Of New York (co-written With Albert Hammond) - Chris De Burgh
    "I can see you now by the light of the dawn, And the sun is rising slow, We have talked all night, and I can't talk anymore, But I must stay and you must go; You have always been such a good friend to me, Through"
  • A New Day - Killing Joke
    "You You wake up to a new day Forwards We move towards a new way oh Come with me Gather with your torches Singing Dance by ??night we all are strong?? A new day....oh, a new day A new way...oh,"
  • A new day - ATB
    "Why don`t you kidnap me for all time sake? And I`ll come breaking to your house again. I know you love it when I show you that I really care. I never felt so safe when I`m lying up your favourite chair Of"

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