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  • So Long Baby, Goodbye - Dave Alvin
    "I know I've been foolin' myself too long I'm never right but always wrong Goodbye, Baby, so long You know You never let this thing catch on You never let me be that strong Goodbye, Baby, so long"
  • Good Love Can Never Die - Alvin Stardust
    "Good love can never die true love is paradise. Love is cruel love is kind With love you see with love you're blind Alone at night you're sad and blue But don't despair he'll come back to you. Good love"
  • Who Can Satisfy? - Alvin Slaughter
    "Who can satisfy my soul, like You Who on earth can comfort me and love me like You do Who could ever be more faithful and true I will trust in You, I will trust in You, my God Who can satisfy my soul,"
  • Dark Night - Dave Alvin
    "Hot air hangs like a dead man From a white oak tree People sitting on porches Thinking how things used to be Dark night Dark night The neighborhood was changing Strangers moving in A new boy fell"
  • Keep On Rockin' - Alvin Lee
    "(E) 1 Still I like to play / the good old Rock and Roll (E) Keeps me young and keeps me (E7) bold/ Keep on (A) rockin' Chorus: Keep on (E) rockin' / (G) Never gonna stop / (A) rock untill drop - keep"
  • Weekend - Alvin Stardust
    "It's Friday night and ev'rything's right for the weekend. We propose that anything goes on a weekend. John called Ann and Jim got Sue and I made a date with little old you Off we went to make a big dent"
  • I Woke Up This Morning - Alvin Lee & Ten Years After
    "I woke up this morning My baby was gone I woke up this morning My baby was gone I thought that she loved me It seems that I'm wrong Yes, I am wrong I cried every night, darling For you to come home, yes,"
  • Coast 2 Coast - Alvin & the Chipmunks
    "I've been to Alabama I've been to Tennessee I did a show out In Alamo last week And in Louisiana I came and met a friend She said to come to town And hang around until the end Hey little darlin' Let me"
  • The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) - Alvin And The Chipmunks
    "(Dave:)Alright you Chipmunks, Ready to sing your song? (Alvin:)I'd say we are (Theodore:)Yeah, Lets sing it now! (Dave:)Okay, Simon? (Simon:)OK (Dave:)Okay, Theodore? (Theodore:)OK (Dave:)Okay Alvin?...Alvin?...ALVIN!!! (Alvin:)OKAY!! (Chipmunks:) Christmas,"
  • Shake Your Grove Thing - Alvin & the Chipmunks
    "Shake your groove thing Ooh, ooh yeah, yeah, come on Shake your groove thing Shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, show 'em how you do it now) Shake your groove thing Shake your groove"

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