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Alyssa reid alone agane

  • Alone - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
    "This empty room it fills my mind Freedom it leaves me so confined Every single bone has cracked what in this life, you can't turn back I don't want to live I don't want to live here alone, alone as these"
  • Alone - Reactor
    "Fall into your shadowRoll another day Free my mind can travel Dream this world awayNow I can't let go Only follow All that you can show Leaves me hollowAnd I find myself alone With you arms around me And"
  • Alone - Cirque du Soleil
    "Alone Watching life from above Free from hatred and love Watching life slowly pass me by Alone Soaring over the crowd With my head in a cloud Here, where no one can see me I fly Looking down from the"
  • Alone - Marc Almond
    "We find love, you and I It's a new game to play Then we tell our first lie And see a love go away And we find We're alone We rush on, you and I We don't need love at all We need thrills, we need speed And"
  • Alone - Fame
    "Laying alone Hearing your voice from the pouring rain Missing your touch Will it never ever be the same again? Would I be through to you? Should I belong to you? I'm holding on It's all because of you Walking"
  • Alone - Justin Bieber
    "We were inseparable Everything I had to do I did it next to you And the memories we made were so incredible Then our love was interrupted by my schedule There was nothing that I could do Cause you fell"
  • Alone - Bazzi
    "Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message system Maybe I'm cold Frozen from my past before, damn Don't get too close You won't find what you're looking for, I Oh, no And I hope you"
  • Alone - Trespassers William
    "You gave me cold glass love You've got teeth for biting And you've bore a hole in me You and me, hot and cold You have crossed all safely While I teeter on my rope Better than me, and I know You are"
  • Alone - I Can
    "Alone Again TonightAnd This Empty TimeThe Sound in My HeadThe Sight It Leaves MeLeaves Me BlindI'll Write a Million WordsI'll Sing Until It HurtsHow Far Could This BeUntil It SeemsHow Long Will I Let This"
  • Alone - Blues Traveler
    "I said "I love you" She began to cry She said she needed a friend I said "I'll try" Soon we'd say nothing Somehow I never wondered why You see, she left me She left me I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone I'm"

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