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Angka 3d mlm ini pk888

  • Come now - Ini Kamoze
    "Come now, soldier don't linger Come now, are ya ready Come now, nimble like a ninja Come now, definitely Listen to me good and listen me well Cause it is only once that I will tell We don't have no room"
  • Cool it off - Ini Kamoze
    "We interrupt this programme to bring you a special bulletin.... to the Russians and the Americans Go tell Russians to cool it off Tell Americans to cool it off Don't ya juggle with me life, Boss... Are"
  • Dream - Ini Kamoze
    "Dream - Man ya living in a dream They running off with ya cream Now I'm a buzzing like a computerzed machine Never seen a thing like this a brand new box with old tricks I don't even see no seal This could"
  • Engeland be nice - Ini Kamoze
    "Understand me man Un Understand me man Un England B nice England big on the ice England B nice England big on the ice I dunno what else to pass to you I done pass mi Dutchie and mi ridim too I dunnoi what"
  • General - Ini Kamoze
    "When we go fe chant, we drop it crucial We reggae general ehheh We no victimize we don't partial do you love that Gather Africans we reasoning a thing Tribal love weh we want Since you can't blow breath"
  • Girl E - Ini Kamoze
    "Girl E, I, I love you Girl E, I, I love you Girl E, I, I love you Girl E, I, I How ya tickle my fancy, tingle up my vibes If ya love was currency I would accept bribe Ya even got this hold on me when ya"
  • Gunshot - Ini Kamoze
    "Hey run fo' cover Dunno what a bullet won't do Shots respect not, boom Gun shot it no respect (top) notch Shots respect not Gun shots it no respect notch Now cats and dogs and "men and people" for some"
  • Hail mi idrin - Ini Kamoze
    "Hail mi idrin love mi idrin Come take a sup off mi chalwa 'Tis the season, come make we reason Da-da-do-da-day Hail mi sistren love mi sistren Come take a sip of mi ital Feel mi feel whein I deal mi dealing"
  • Hole in the pumpkin - Ini Kamoze
    "There's a hole in the pumkin This must be Halloween And if it wasn't one thing This Dread would scream I'm telling you something About this system If it ain't one thing Tis eleven others Don't think I'm"
  • I want it ital - Ini Kamoze
    "You see I A different I I want it Ital, or else come off my case I want it Ital, or else come out my place If you don't like it, you can bite it But if you do then deal with it Now I don't care what anyone"

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