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Anthrax - Anthrax

  • I'm Eighteen - Anthrax
    "Lines form on my face and hands Lines form from the ups and downs I'm in the middle without any plans I'm a boy and I'm a man I'm eighteen and I don't know what I want Eighteen, I just don't know what"
  • Panic - Anthrax
    "Move it to the front Reaching for the light Loosing all control Using all your might Wheels are gonna spin Asses gonna shake We are gonna kick Walls are gonna break The road is hard The fight is tough Gonna"
  • Subjugator - Anthrax
    "Out in the streets We're fighting tonight We're dirty and mean So run for you lives We stand side by side With our fists in the air We live for the night On the razor's edge Unleashing the sound Lashing"
  • Big Fat - Anthrax
    "Looming large like a favorite son One more time comes my obsession Like a mountain stream that ends in mud I'm wading in shit waiting for the flood Sinking You did, you did, you did, you did Left me hating You"
  • Cupajoe - Anthrax
    "I really need a cup of coffee, go get me a cupajoe I really need a cup of coffee, go get me a cupajoe I really need a cup of coffee, go get me a cupajoe I really need a cup of coffee, go get me a cupajoe Cupajoe,"
  • Alpha Male - Anthrax
    "You should be happy You should be happy You should be really happy I saved your life today I didn't kill you Although I meant to You should be happy Now go and put your toys away It's the pecking order,"
  • Soldiers Of Metal - Anthrax
    "We are fighting for your lives Oooh, we are the soldiers in the line of fire Down in the trenches we wait for the night The time is approaching We're ready to strike We'll stop at nothing There's no"
  • Death From Above - Anthrax
    "Like the screaming eagle I'm on the run I blaze through the sky I kill for the fun No reason, no warning Nor shadow be found Got you in my sights And I'll shoot you down Jet fighter, jet fighter Turbo"
  • Howling Furies - Anthrax
    "Abandon all hope for those who enter Cause there ain't too much of that down here A clouded mist in a darkened tunnel And twisted screams are growing near Now you're down here, you're gonna all stay Cause"
  • Auf Wiedersehen - Anthrax
    "Au revoir, auf wiedersehen You won't see another morning You won't see another evening Good night Buenos noches oh senor Senorita see ya later Buenos noches, bye-bye There are many here among us Who"

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