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Apocalyptica Faraway Vol Extended Version

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Apocalyptica Faraway Vol Extended Version
  • Howard Jones Hide & Seek (Extended Version)
    "There was a time when there was nothing at all Nothing at all, just a distant hum There was a being and he lived on his own He had no one to talk to, and nothing to do He drew up the plans, learnt to work"
  • Leaves' Eyes Legend Land (Extended Version)
    "We headed west, To legend land, Up river to Set feet on soil. Smell morning dew On stubborn grass, Found grapes and vines And sweet temptation. Keeps me alive (keeps me alive), In my legend land I still"
  • Wedding Present Interstate 5 (Extended Version)
    "I should just get out of here and start driving south on Interstate 5 But I need to stay near, in case you suddenly remember that I'm alive But I have this nagging fear that sex was all you needed I've"
  • Lady Of Rage Afro Puffs (Extended Version)
    "(Dr. Dre) Yeah, This is Dr. Dre Kicking back, doing what I do best Dropping some shit that makes you wanna bob your head I know your bobbing your head, 'cause I can see, you cant see me But check this"
  • Gigi D'Agostino L'amour Toujours (Extended Version)
    "(female voice) I still believe in your eyes; I just don't care what You've done in your life. Baby i'll always be here by your side; Don't leave me waiting too long, Please come by! I, i, i, i still believe"
  • Destiny's Child Survivor (Remix Extended Version)
    "(feat. Da Brat) Welcome to the wonderful world of Destiny's Child I'm Da Brat-tat-tat, my homeboy Den on the track and we gon' lay you flat on yo' back when the beat-boom-boom-pat-pat like that, y'heard"
  • Die Arzte Kpt. Blaubar (Extended Version)
    "Unser Kpt'n ist so blau wie die See. Und statt Kaffee mag der Kpt'n lieber Tee. Er kommt immer mit total schrgen Stories um die Ecke. Da bleibt die Wahrheit zwangslufig auf der Strecke. Bleib sauber, Kpt'n"
  • ABC Faraway
    "What a state to be in It's a world of indecision So self destructive And such an ugly business In and out of fashion You always leave your mark An indefinite decision A dangerous remark ** When you're"
  • Demis Roussos Faraway
    "There's a lucky man who'll take you faraway, faraway, so very very faraway he will come some day To another land he'll take you faraway faraway, so very very faraway this will come they say Nobody knows,"
  • Gala Faraway
    "It's your name I hear It's not my head's whid Like the many tears I shed It's your name I call Your name I read My prayer My creed It's your name I hate Because I love you still And I can't live this way It's"

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