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Ateez answer

  • Answer me - Milk Inc
    "I know youve been trying to Conceil youve been lying but I cant keep on buying so Ive got a question Ive got a question Ive got this impression that Youve got this obsession so Its time for your confession"
  • The Answer - Grip Inc.
    "All in the answer All in the answer Battle call of the fathers Personnal war of the elite Hypnotized by symbols Idols and coloured rags Condems full attention Contradicts a way of life Brother fight my"
  • My Answer - Arashi
    "Yeah Yeah Hahaha Yes Yes Arashi in the building That's right uh come on Whacha wanna say? 1 2 1 2 This is my answer Uh yeah Come on, listen up! tsutaeyou Just My Answer hotobashiru ase chuu wo mau kitaeyou"
  • In Answer - The Chameleons UK
    "One afternoon A part of me parted too soon It slipped away I don't know what to say Eyes that drew me in To wonderful, wonderful sin And it blew me away I don't know what to say In answer Nothing matters"
  • The Answer - Bloc Party
    "Feeding the five thousand was not done with prayers alone It takes blood and guts and it takes devotion So tired of standing up and so tired of drawing breath It's your turn to take the map and it's your"
  • Answer Me - Vertical Horizon
    "It seems you're feeling down You don't know how long But you know you don't like it Lost in your room It seems you're feeling tired You don't know what from One too many parties Makeup hides the wounds Chorus Answer"
  • Good Answer - Bucklew Wendy
    "Out! Out damned spot I need somethign stronger I'm copping a whiskey strut Pushing the mood swing Dodging the "you always..." and "you never..." Doubts like weeds that stifle pleasures Oh, no I don't Don't"
  • The Answer - Garland Jeffreys
    "Everybody, everywhere, everyone All around the world Calling all you people Calling every boy and girl You can be everything, anything You really want to be But you can't play the victim Got to"
  • Final Answer - The Calling
    "I want love To carry me through All the moments, I'd kindly undo Locked away So I can feel safe Now that I'm down on my knees, begging for change Look down at the water Before I jump in To find I was"
  • The Answer - Raised Fist
    "Can we help to comprehend the limits of the human mind Can someone influence the media so it can control us? The Question is that can you -- Walk away Without finding the answer to that? Can you -- Walk"

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