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Bad Company - Untie The Knot

  • Fly That Knot - Talib Kweli
    "(feat. MF Doom) Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout Yeah, we on fire We gotta call the fire department Let's go Yo, yo, yo I don't know why people try to be live when they not I gotta blow up they"
  • Knot In It - Buffalo Tom
    "I'm not looking for the shell-shocked signs of life Your shadow still looms larger in the night There's a nickel on the sill for good luck's sake I left it out for only you to take. But there's pine resin"
  • A Seafarer's Knot - Fair To Midland
    "Lucky are the leaves of the clover, She's diggin for chemistry with the butcher's tools, Shifty are the eyes of the gambler, He's making his tricks -- and a job well done. Through the motions waving wishes"
  • The Knot Comes Untied - Sara Evans
    "The Knot Comes Untied (Sam Hogin/Ron Harbin/Ed Hill) She's a got a Rand MCNALLY map And a tank full of gasoline Yeah love's been headin south And now she's heading out of New Orleans She throws her"
  • Monsters Keep Me Company - Lordi
    "If the sun comes up tomorrow It would see a sight so sad The moon is still smiling on me Right up until dawn I'm drowning in hate and sorrow But nothing is quite that bad There still might be something"
  • Ghosts Are Good Company - Bishop Allen
    "I would've died Just to hear voices Just to see faces I was so alone I went deep Into my graveyards Found my ghosts there They're with me still I can't do this, I can't do that I can't believe I go so"
  • Company (Feat. Travi$ Scott) - Drake
    "I got some shit for you to come and get I'm at the St. Regis up on Briar Oaks Hit me when you done your shift Wooh, I see you doin' well, baby Oh, you pullin' shit together, I can tell, baby Is you single"
  • Hexen Definitive / Strife Knot - The Fall
    "Tied up to posts Blindfold so can't feel maintainance Kickback art thou that thick? Death of the dimwits Businessman hits train Businessman hits train His veiled sex seeps through his management sloth The"
  • Good Lovin' Gone Bad - Bad Company
    "If I hear you knocking hard up on my door Ain't no way that I'm gonna answer it 'Cos cheating is one thing and lying is another And when I say it's over that's it I'm gonna quit, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Now"
  • Power Company - The Animals
    "My daddy worked a lifetime, yeah For the Power Company Turning night into day, yeah Yeah, for the Power Company You know that he can still recall when the company was God, Man was a slave Throughout a"

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