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Bambee - Cowgirl

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Bambee - Cowgirl
  • Neil Young Greatest Song On Earth
    "Fire chief, car thief, misled skinhead, Tell me where it's at? Is it cool to bring it up again? Will I blow my act? Misplaced tinselface, weekend pretend, Am I on your track? I would love to live close"
  • VINCE GILL Cowboy Up
    "I'm putting on my favorite cowboy boots Like a crazy bull rider coming out of the chute Ready for some dancin', maybe too much beer Like bare-back rubbin' going on in here Hey little cowgirl leave the"
  • Counting Crows She Likes The Weather
    "Life is simple. Life is sweet. Oh, so saddle up and go. Little cowgirl, in the underground, she talks to people she doesn't know. Oh, people on the train to Eden The circus girl, after all the rodeos, she"
  • Neko Case Karoline
    "Oh, the path you walk is on fire, So wild and unashamed With a passion you inspire I'm gonna keep those men at bay Cowgirl you've got that something Of what all my dreams are made So come on baby, just"
  • ZZ Top My Head's In Mississippi
    "I'm shufflin' thru the Texas sand, But my head's in Mississippi. I'm shufflin' thru the Texas sand, But my head's in Mississippi. The blues has got a hold of me. I believe I'm gettin' dizzy. "
  • Kings Of Leon King Of The Rodeo
    "He's so the purity, a shaving in the morning, And standing all pigeon-toed, in his disarray Straighten the picture pose, He's coming around to meet you And screaming like a battle cry, "it's more if"
  • Luciana ft Super Mal Bigger than big
    "Slice into it, gotta cut through it. Rock it now, get me back on. Ride it cowgirl, buffalo style. Eat the rich, how glamourous, how glamourous. (Bridge) Baby im so wet for you, wet for you, so wet for"
  • Ozma Hopeless
    "it's hopeless oh don't you see it's hopeless but when you're coming back to me it's not hopeless it's hopeless little cowgirl don't you see that the farm is hopeless without me hopeless, hopeless,"
  • Sesame Street Stick Out Your Hand And Say Hello
    "Rick & Bert: Stick out your hand and say hello You might meet someone just like you who's really great to know Rick: Now, mind you, I love the friends I've got Bert: Oh, sure. But making a new one hits"
  • Clint Black Undercover Cowboy
    "Sneakin' all around Hopin' that he won't be recognized He looks her up and down Maybe she'd believe his little lies All the misinformation Will make it hard to check his alibis It's a tricky operation Even"

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